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31 марта

Микроконтроллеры MSP430

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Поздравляем KT, lacitis с днём рождения!
Эйфелева башня
Официальное открытие Эйфелевой башни. Конструктор башни Гюстав Эйфель водрузил на вершине башни французский флаг.1889 год
Использование ToF-датчиков для контроля поведения водителей
Автомобильный транспорт с каждым годом становится все сложнее. Благодаря различным датчикам автоматизированные электронные системы не только помогают водителям управлять автомобилем, но и контролируют поведение самих водителей. Данная статья рассказывает об использовании технологии определения времени полета (time-of-flight, ToF) для повышения безопасности и удобства вождения.31-03-2020
Герметичные кабельные вводы MG LX
Стандартные изоляционные материалы могут не выдержать минусовых температур или степени загрязнения. Решением этой проблемы может стать мастичная лента 2212 от компании 3М. Это самоотверждающаяся бутил-резино-мастичная лента представляет собой подложку из бутил-каучука с нанесенной на нее липкой термостабильной мастикой.30-03-2020
Пассивные компоненты Yageo
Расширился складской ассортимент пассивных компонентов производства Yageo: керамических ЧИП конденсаторов и ЧИП резисторов типономиналов 0603, 0805 и 1206. На отдельные номиналы действует минимально разрешенная норма отгрузки.30-03-2020
SiC силовой модуль 1200 В 425 А 6,7 нГн от Wolfspeed
Компания Wolfspeed (A Cree Company) выпустила  SiC силовой модуль 1200 В 425 А в новом корпусе XM3 с индуктивностью 6,7 нГн – CAB425M12XM3.30-03-2020
Разъем 2065 - надежная альтернатива ручной пайке
В современном, все более автоматизированном веке, несколько сбивает с толку осознание того, что ручная пайка электронных компонентов остается жизнеспособной техникой соединения. Но опять же, почему бы и нет? По некоторым оценкам впервые ручная пайка была применена 5000 лет назад в Месопотамии. Конечно, паяные соединения в то время никак не были связаны с электричеством, тем не менее, основная кон…30-03-2020
RJ45 на печатную плату: промышленные Ethernet-разъемы
Phoenix Contact представляет новые соединители RJ45, которые дополняют ассортимент разъемов для передачи данных.30-03-2020
Новые MOSFET транзисторы на 650В в семействе CoolSiC™
Новые MOSFET транзисторы на 650В в семействе CoolSiC™30-03-2020
С 30 марта по 3 апреля компания Макро Групп работает!
Компания Макро Групп продолжит работу на неделе, объявленной выходной. Все сотрудники, работающие с заказчиками, продолжат работать в удалённом режиме. Вы можете звонить и писать им, как обычно, в течение рабочего дня.27-03-2020
Professional Ventilator Design Open Sourced Today by Medtronic
Medical device company Medtronic released designs for one of their ventilators to open source for use in the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a laudable action, and there is plenty to glean from the specs (notable is that the planned release is incomplete as of this writing, so more info is …read more31-03-2020
Printed Door Handle Turns Key With a Servo
[Madalin Valceleanu] had a somewhat unique problem. He wanted to make his front door a bit “smarter”, but none of the IoT door locks he found were compatible with the style of reinforced door he had. So he set out to design and 3D print his own Internet-controlled door handle. …read more30-03-2020
Teardown of Costco Ceiling Light Reveals Microwave Motion Sensor and Hackable Design
[hclxing] eagerly picked up an LED ceiling light for its ability to be turned on and off remotely, but it turns out that the lamp has quite a few other features. These include adjustable brightness, color temperature, automatic turnoff, light sensing, motion sensing, and more. Before installing, [hclxing] decided to …read more30-03-2020
SOLID Promises A New Approach To How The Web Works
As it stands on the modern Internet, your data is no longer your own. Your emails, photos, and posts all live on servers owned by large corporations. Their policies give them access to your data, which is mined to generate advertising revenue. And if you want your data back, there …read more30-03-2020
White RJ-45 and USB connectors for medical equipment fit in XLR holes
Surrey-based Cliff Electronics has introduced two white nylon parts to its normally black FeedThrough connector family – various connectors that all fit through a standard XLR connector cut-out. The white ones are USB2.0 A-A and CAT5e RJ45 data connectors, aimed at medical diagnostic and treatment equipment, as well as home monitoring, dental, cosmetic, IT and power-over-Ethernet products. ... Thi…30-03-2020
Laser Artistry Hack Chat
Join us on Wednesday, April 1 at noon Pacific for the Laser Artistry Hack Chat with Seb Lee-Delisle! It’s hard to forget the first time you see a laser light show. A staple at concerts starting in the 1980s, seeing a green laser lance out over the heads of tens …read more30-03-2020
Designing Printed Adapters For Power Tool Batteries
Unless you’re particularly fond of having multiple types of batteries and chargers, you’d do well to make sure all your portable power tools are made by the same company. But what do you do if there’s a tool you really need, but your brand of choice doesn’t offer their own …read more30-03-2020
Dow and Ineos Make Hand Sanitizer to Fight COVID-19
Finding store shelves emptied of essential products has been an alarming and frustrating experience for consumers, including myself, in the United States and numerous other countries. When shoppers find bare store shelves instead of those typically packed with hand sanitizers, an inconvenience becomes a matter of personal safety in protecting oneself and loved ones from the coronavirus. The shorta…30-03-2020
Emcore receives 2019 Raytheon IDS 5-Star Supplier Excellence Award
Emcore Corp of Alhambra, CA, USA – which provides indium phosphide (InP)-based optical chips, components, subsystems and systems for the broadband and specialty fiber-optics markets – has received the 2019 Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) 5-Star Supplier Excellence Award for performance and partnership. As a 5-Star Award winner, Emcore has achieved 100% scores in quality and delivery (or …30-03-2020
Coronavirus Testing Follow-Up: Rapid Immunologic Testing
When I started writing my recent article on COVID-19 testing, I assumed that I would be doing a compare and contrast sort of article. Like many people, I assumed that the “gold standard” test would be the reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test that I described in some detail. And …read more30-03-2020
Talent Talk: Are You Properly Staffing for Stuff-Gets-Back-to-Normal Day?
The COVID-19 disease, and the measures required to mitigate its human effects, will probably leave our economy in a recession-like state. How deep or shallow that recession is, and how fast we come out of it, depend on the actions we take now. The U.S. Congress understands this, which is why it hammered out a $2-trillion bipartisan stimulus package in a week. There are actions plastics businesses …30-03-2020
AOI launches narrow-linewidth 1550nm eye-safe laser for automotive LiDAR
Applied Optoelectronics Inc (AOI) of Sugar Land, TX, USA – a designer and manufacturer of optical components, modules and equipment for fiber access networks in the Internet data-center, cable TV broadband, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and telecom markets – has released a high-power and narrow-linewidth laser (available for customer sampling immediately) designed specifically for light detection and r…30-03-2020
Inexpensive and Open-Source Ventilator Developed By MIT Engineers
The rapid increase of infectious disease cases and lack of adequate medical equipment to counter them can put the entire medical infrastructure at standstill. In times like these, it is up to engineers and technicians to come up with innovative solutions and provide extraordinary assistance.    Healthcare workers are very busy people who have to attend […] The post Inexpensive and Open-Source Vent…30-03-2020
Bitwise Operators in Microcontroller Programming
In this tutorial, we will learn about one of the important concepts in Embedded Programming i.e. the Bitwise Operations or Bit-level Operations. The Bitwise Operators in the C Programming Language are the backbone for these operations. I will show you how can you use the Bitwise operators in Microcontroller Programming for easy bitwise manipulations. IMPORTANT […] The post Bitwise Operators in Mic…30-03-2020
Interfacing DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor with STM32F103C8T6
In this tutorial, I will how you how to interface DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor with STM32F103C8T6 MCU based STM32 Blue Pill Board. The value from DHT11 Sensor is read by the STM32 and also displayed on an I2C LCD Display. Introduction Sensors are great little devices that bridge the gap between the raw analog […] The post Interfacing DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Sensor with STM32F103C8T…30-03-2020
Interfacing I2C LCD with STM32F103C8T6 | STM32 I2C LCD Tutorial
In this tutorial, I will show you how to interface an I2C LCD with STM32F103C8T6 MCU based STM32 Blue Pill Board. If you remember the “Interfacing 16X2 LCD with STM32F103C8T6” tutorial, I have already show you how simple it is to connect the LCD with STM32 and display some information. This project will be interesting […] The post Interfacing I2C LCD with STM32F103C8T6 | STM32 I2C LCD Tutorial app…30-03-2020