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8 августа
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Культурная революция
Решительно, радикально, целиком и полностью искореним засилье и зловредные замыслы ревизионистов! Уничтожим монстров — ревизионистов хрущёвского толка!1966 год
Очередные поступления компонентов на наш склад в Москве.
Источники питания, интерфейсные ИМС, память, диоды, коммутационные изделия (разъёмы, реле и мембраны для клавиатур) и многое другое. Наименование Производитель Описание товара Cклад на 10.VII.2020 AM10EW-4805SCZ Aimtec Изолированный DC-DC преобразователь, 10 Вт, вход — 18-72 В, выход — 5 В * 2 А, изоляция — 1600 В 456 ADM2483BRWZ-REEL Analog Devices Магниторазвязанный драйвер RS-485. Требуется DC-…10-07-2020
As E-Commerce Booms, Robots Pick Up Human Slack
The Covid-19 pandemic and the explosion in demand for home-delivered goods means FedEx and other shippers are pushing the limits of what robotic arms can do.08-08-2020
Car Designer Henrik Fisker Lost His First Race With Elon Musk. He Wants to Go Again.
The Danish designer tried once before to capture the public’s imagination for high-end electric cars, only to see the company collapse. Now he has a new company, new backers and a new business model. But does he have what it takes to catch Tesla?08-08-2020
How Tim Cook Made Apple His Own
The industrial engineer has turned Steve Jobs’s creation into a corporate colossus, delivering one of the most lucrative business successions in history.08-08-2020
What Does Kodak Do These Days? A Decade of Pivots Before a Huge Federal Loan
Eastman Kodak, long a household name in photography, has spent recent years trying to maneuver out of bankruptcy and into new business areas. Its latest pivot brings it squarely into the fight against the coronavirus.07-08-2020
U.S. Broadens Attack on Chinese Internet Giants With WeChat Order
The Trump administration is widening its attack against Chinese internet giants by targeting a social media app, WeChat, that is used daily by ordinary Chinese but by few Americans, further dividing the global internet.07-08-2020
Buying TikTok Is One Challenge for Microsoft. Making It Work Another.
If Microsoft swings a deal for TikTok, it would then face the costly and complex task of assimilating the video-sharing app’s code and data.07-08-2020
Singapore Police Bring First Charges Linked to Wirecard
Singapore police brought their first criminal charges against an individual linked to the suspected fraud at Wirecard AG, the one-time German technology star that collapsed at the end of June after admitting more than $2 billion of cash on its balance sheet was fake.07-08-2020
U.S. Contractor Embedded Software in Apps to Track Phones
A small U.S. company with ties to the U.S. defense and intelligence communities has embedded its software in numerous mobile apps, allowing it to track the movements of hundreds of millions of mobile phones world-wide.07-08-2020
Trump Executive Orders Target TikTok, WeChat Apps
President Trump issued a pair of executive orders imposing new limits on Chinese social-media apps TikTok and WeChat, escalating tensions with Beijing and effectively setting a 45-day deadline for an American company to purchase TikTok’s U.S. operations.07-08-2020
The Battle Against Counterfeits Has a New Weapon
Algorithms that can spot features invisible to the human eye are helping to protect retailers and shoppers from a glut of fake goods.07-08-2020
SEGGER Embedded Studio V5 minimizes code size
The newly released Embedded Studio V5 for Arm processors comes with SEGGER’s Compiler, Linker, and Runtime and Floating-Point libraries. All components are designed from the ground up for Embedded Systems and work seamlessly to generate extremely small programs.07-08-2020
Tencent Stock Drops After Firm Is Targeted by Trump Executive Order
Shares of Tencent Holdings plunged as much as 10%, hours after President Trump signed an executive order that would bar U.S. entities from transacting with the Chinese internet giant.07-08-2020
Universal growth of ultra-thin III–V semiconductor single crystals
A nature-inspired hydrogen-bonded supramolecular complex for selective copper ion removal from water
Site-specific electrical contacts with the two-dimensional materials
T-Mobile Overtakes AT&T to Become No. 2 Carrier
T-Mobile US said it vaulted ahead of rival AT&T Inc. in the race for wireless customers to become the country’s second-largest cellphone carrier.07-08-2020