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5 июня
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Apple ][
Первый персональный компьютер1977 год
Xilinx в 2 раза снизил цены на онлайн-курс по Vitis AI
Компания Xilinx объявила снижение цен на краткосрочные курсы для разработчиков на новой платформе Xilinx Vitis.05-06-2020
SoM модули на ПЛИС и СнК от Trenz Electroniс в номенклатуре Макро Групп
Компания «Макро Групп» заключила дистрибьюторское соглашение с компанией Trenz Electronic GmbH (Германия) и получила право поставлять продукцию Trenz заказчикам из России, Беларуси, Украины и Казахстана.04-06-2020
Сокеты для сенсоров с рабочей температурой до 350°С от E-TEC
Компания E-TEC разработала серии сокетов с поддержкой рабочей температуры до 350°С. 04-06-2020
Компания Lattice Semiconductor выпустила обновления стека Lattice sensAI 3.0.
Компания Lattice Semiconductor выпустила обновления стека Lattice sensAI 3.0.04-06-2020
Серия 1 Вт DC-DC источников TEA от Traco для тех, кто не хочет переплачивать
Компания TRACO POWER выпустила серию 1 Вт DC-DC преобразователей в корпусах SIP-7 и SIP-4.03-06-2020
Распределительные блоки для гибкого монтажа PTFIX
Phoenix Contact представляет дополнительные модели распределительных блоков из серии PTFIX с номинальным сечением 10 мм².03-06-2020
Симулятор гармоник Elhand PQ
Симулятор гармоник Elhand PQ02-06-2020
Компактный 750 Вт DC/DC преобразователь с высоковольтным входом и КПД 97% от Delta Electronics
Компания Delta Electronics анонсировала выпуск мощного DC/DC модуля с высоковольтным входным напряжением 360-400 В и эффективностью 97%.01-06-2020
GTAT appoints ST veteran to board to accelerate growth in SiC market
GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) of Hudson, NH, USA – which produces silicon carbide (SiC) and sapphire material and crystal growth equipment for the solar, power electronics and optoelectronics industries) – has appointed Bob Krysiak to its board of directors...05-06-2020
Infinera appoints two directors, increasing board size to 11
Infinera Corp of Sunnyvale, CA, USA, a vertically integrated manufacturer of digital optical network systems incorporating its own indium phosphide (InP)-based photonic integrated circuits (PICs), has appointed George Riedel and Christine Bucklin to its board of directors. Riedel has executive leadership experience in the global networking and cybersecurity industries and track record in strategy …05-06-2020
TSMC leads the fan-out packaging boom
Fan-out packaging, a market that was worth $1.26 billion in 2019, is set to grow with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.9 percent to exceed $3 billion in 2025, according to Yole Developpement. At the same time the market is rich in terms of the number of different ways to perform wafer-level packaging steps and growing more varied. Yole has introduced an ultra-high-density fan-out classi…05-06-2020
Final payment to POET for DenseLight subsidiary delayed
POET Technologies Inc of Toronto, Ontario, Canada — designer and developer of the POET Optical Interposer and photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for the data-center and telecom markets — has received notice confirming a delay of the final US$5m Tranche 3 payment in connection with the sale of the remaining 19% stake of its Singapore-based subsidiary DenseLight Semiconductors Pte Ltd, which was du…05-06-2020
Author Correction: Universal mechanical exfoliation of large-area 2D crystals
Charge transport in semiconductors assembled from nanocrystal quantum dots
ROHM chosen by Vitesco as preferred partner for silicon carbide power devices
A development partnership has been agreed for the silicon carbide (SiC) components of power semiconductor maker ROHM Semiconductor of Kyoto, Japan to be used by the powertrain business of Continental Vitesco Technologies of Regensburg, Germany (a supplier in the field of vehicle electrification) to further increase the efficiency of its power electronics for electric vehicles (EV). Due to their hi…04-06-2020
MEMS summit to co-locate with Semicon, Electronica
SEMI has announced that the MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit 2020 will take place alongside Semicon Europa, November 10 to 13 in Munich. Semicon has itself co-located with the bi-annual Electronica exhibition and so the convergence of the three events will create the single strongest platform in Europe. All this is subject to the continued control of the Covid-19 pandemic and relaxation of travel re…04-06-2020
Chip design at 5nm is one third more costly than at 7nm
The cost of designing complex SoCs is increasing by 30 to 50 percent per node, according to Semico Research, Artificial intelligence in EDA could help the analysis company asserts. The complexity is such that less design teams are getting designs right first time. In addition, designs are taking longer while the windows of opportunity in the market are shrinking. Semico states that the average si…04-06-2020
Infineon adds 1700V surface-mounted devices to CoolSiC MOSFET range, targeting auxiliary power supplies
Having added the 650V voltage class to its portfolio in February, Infineon Technologies AG of Munich, Germany has complemented its CoolSiC MOSFET range by launching the 1700V class with its proprietary trench semiconductor technology. Maximizing the strong physical characteristics of silicon carbide (SiC), this ensures that the new 1700V surface-mounted devices (SMD) offer what is said to be super…04-06-2020
Quantum-dot and organic hybrid tandem light-emitting diodes with multi-functionality of full-color-tunability and white-light-emission
Large-scale wet-spinning of highly electroconductive MXene fibers
Buffalo reports gallium oxide transistor with breakdown exceeding 8kV
In research supported by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research and by the US National Science Foundation (NSF), researchers in the University of Buffalo’s Department of Electrical Engineering have developed a gallium oxide...03-06-2020
Bosch Sensortec adds software to Qualcomm BOM
MEMS sensor provider Bosch Sensortec has added software to the items it supplies for Snapdragon-based smartphones and wearables. The software is designed to make use of Bosch Sensortec inertial measurement units (IMUs) and environmental sensors. The first offerings are angle detection and air-quality measurement. The angle detection function is intended for use with foldable smartphones. An impro…03-06-2020
Hyperdimensional computing helps improved AI fit on PCM chip
Researchers from IBM Zurich and ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) have benchmarked a hyperdimensional computing (HDC) system based on analog in-memory computing within phase-change memory arrays.The work shows a six-fold improvement in energy efficiency compared to system-level design implemented using 65nm CMOS technology and the approach shows potential for further im…03-06-2020
Navitas launches 650V, 6mm x 8mm PQFN-packaged GaNFast power ICs with integrated cooling pad
Navitas Semiconductor Inc of El Segundo, CA, USA has announced a new range of 650V-rated GaNFast power ICs in 6mm x 8mm PQFN packaging with a proprietary, integrated cooling pad for high-efficiency, high-density power systems...03-06-2020