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23 мая
smd codes codebook
Examples of requests
Wy AK 1D NQ 303 3033 A5008 c17 xh 20p 2op W1D J91 WT2 bjt k72 1776 T5 LM4040DIM t41 SN74AC14PW 1f V05
Over 400 thousand smd codes
We have imported all available data into our database. It is probably the largest database in the world. SMD-codes from 355 manufacturers, including Chinese manufacturers.
Filtering insignificant fields
Sometimes only one of five symbols carries useful information, and you can only find it here. Try, for example, to look for the a3458 mark.
Search by pattern
An important feature of our database is the ability to recognize partially damaged marks. In this case, the symbol "?" stands for a single arbitrary character, and "*" stands for a group of characters.
For example: 6?q, ?mn*
Search by name
Most of the components have short descriptions, to access this information with a query length of 5 or more characters, an additional search by name is enabled.
SMD packages