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Георгиевский трактат
Первый пункт гласил: царь Георгий XII «усердно желает с потомством своим, духовенством, вельможами и со всем подвластным ему народом однажды навсегда принять подданство Российской империи, обещаясь свято исполнять все то, что исполняют россияне»1783 год
Очередные поступления компонентов на наш склад в Москве.
Источники питания, интерфейсные ИМС, память, диоды, коммутационные изделия (разъёмы, реле и мембраны для клавиатур) и многое другое. Наименование Производитель Описание товара Cклад на 10.VII.2020 AM10EW-4805SCZ Aimtec Изолированный DC-DC преобразователь, 10 Вт, вход — 18-72 В, выход — 5 В * 2 А, изоляция — 1600 В 456 ADM2483BRWZ-REEL Analog Devices Магниторазвязанный драйвер RS-485. Требуется DC-…10-07-2020
Low power 60GHz radar allows battery-less tracking
European research institute IMEC has presented a 60GHz radar module for contactless health tracking applications at the virtual IEEE RFIC conference. The chip at the centre of the module is a 28nm CMOS chip that performs motion detection radar with 2cm resolution making suitable for vital sign monitoring and gesture recognition. As the radar chip consumes just 62mW it is possible to integrate it …04-08-2020
Top Title: White PapersDate: Tuesday, August 4, 2020Main title color:  Sections titles color:  News title color:  Font Selector: ArialTechnical Papers Left 1: Thermal Management in High Performance RF and Microwave PCBsChoosing Inductors for Energy Efficient Power ApplicationsDesigning Microwave PCBs for Successful Manufacture – Getting it Right the First TimeWhy GNSS for eMobility must balance pr…04-08-2020
Twitter Could Pay FTC Fine Over Alleged Privacy Violations
Twitter Inc. said it could pay at least $150 million to the Federal Trade Commission related to alleged violations of a 2011 consent order for using consumers’ private data in targeted advertising.04-08-2020
Cloud Spending Hits Record Amid Economic Fallout From Covid-19
Spending on cloud services is surging, as companies shift more business applications online to cope with extended Covid-19 lockdowns, social distancing and other restrictions.04-08-2020
With Potential TikTok Deal, Microsoft CEO Looks to Expand Audience
If there is one trait that would link a TikTok acquisition with the other big deals Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella has done, it is his willingness to pay big bucks to expand the software giant’s universe of users.04-08-2020
Google to Invest $450 Million in ADT
The partnership will combine Nest hardware and services, powered by Google’s machine learning technology, with ADT’s installation, service and professional monitoring network.04-08-2020
Source-gate transistor offers better large-area electronics
Researchers have come up with a couple of circuits design that use a special form of transistor to replace the thin-film transistor arrays in displays and other large area electronics.The source-gain transistor (SGT) is discussed in a paper published in IEEE Sensors Journal. It is authored by researchers from University of Surrey, University of Cambridge and the National Research Institute in Rom…03-08-2020
Apple Faces $1.4 Billion Lawsuit in China in Siri Patent Fight
A Shanghai company has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Apple that, if successful, could prevent the American tech giant from selling many of its products in its most important market outside the U.S.03-08-2020
Microsoft's Talks With TikTok Raise Ire in China
Washington’s ultimatum to the Chinese owner of TikTok—sell the app’s American operations to Microsoft or leave the country—is hardening suspicions in China that the U.S. aims to sabotage the country’s efforts to grow its own technology.03-08-2020
Why TikTok Is at Center of Global Business Battle
Tech columnist Joanna Stern explains the attraction of the app and how it has captivated a global audience rushing to save it.03-08-2020
Google Pixel 4a: Lots of Phone for $349
You don’t need to spend a thousand dollars on a premium smartphone. You can get the same features by paying half as much, or less.03-08-2020
Microsoft Aims for a Deal to Buy TikTok's U.S. Business
Covert talks began weeks ago on a transaction that could reshape the global tech landscape and further strain U.S.-China relations. After the software giant’s CEO and President Trump spoke Sunday, Microsoft said an agreement could include the video app’s operations in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.03-08-2020
Tower introduces phase-change RF switch for 5G
Specialty foundry Tower Semiconductor Ltd. (Migdal Haemek, Israel) has introduced a radio frequency switch with record-high figure of merit. The switch is non-volatile and uses a phase-change material while being compatible with silicon-germanium BiCMOS and power CMOS. The figure of merit is on resistance multiplied by the off capacitance (Ron x Coff) and is less than 10 femtoseconds. This compar…03-08-2020
Fifty Years After Designing Electric Lady Studios, Architect Cuts New Track With AI
Architect and acoustician John Storyk, known for designing recording and performance spaces around the world, was frustrated by the limits of the software at his firm’s disposal. So last year, he and his research and development director decided to build their own.03-08-2020
SMIC, Beijing to build $7.6 billion wafer fab
Chinese foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. has struck an agreement with local authorities in Beijing to build a wafer fab. The work will be done by a joint venture formed initially by SMIC and  Beijing Development Zone Management Committee for a wafer fab for "28nm and above ICs." It is likely that this means 28nm and finer geometries but the documentation is not clear. The a…03-08-2020
Samsung wants consortium, not Nvidia, to buy ARM
Samsung Electronics is set to join a fight to acquire a stake in UK semiconductor licensor ARM, according to a Korea Times report. ARM licensee Samsung will try to participate in a bid in the form of equity investment as part of consortium in which it will hold a minority, the report said referencing an unnamed senior semiconductor official in South Korea. In other reports GPU vendor Nvidia Inc. …03-08-2020