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12 апреля
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День Космонавтики, 1961 год
Первый человек в космосе, и это был русский человек - Юрий Алексеевич Гагарин.1961 год
Академик Колмогоров, 1903 год
Андрей Николаевич Колмогоров - один из крупнейших математиков XX века1903 год
Поступление прецизионных чип-резисторов Yageo
Тайваньская корпорация Yageo, основанная в 1977 году, гордится своей репутацией лидера мирового производства SMD-резисторов и танталовых конденсаторов. В состав компании входит 40 фабрик и 20 исследовательских центров. В её ассортименте можно найти пассивные дискретные компоненты всех типов: резисторы, конденсаторы, а так же антенны и защиту от перегрузок. Она поставляет как...12-04-2021
Памяти HyperRAM от Winbond
Компания Winbond анонсировала выпуск памяти HyperRAM.12-04-2021
Семинар на выставке Экспоэлектроника
Приглашаем посетить семинар «PROM2PROM – удобная система для закупа электронных компонентов». На семинаре вы узнаете: - Как покупать электронные компоненты в условиях мирового дефицита?- Как получить лучшие цены и минимальные сроки?- Как зарабатывать на этом? Семинар пройдёт в рамках выставки ExpoElectronica в Москве, Отель «Аквариум», 6 этаж, «Малый зал» – проход по указателям...11-04-2021
Программируемый логический контроллер UNITRONICS Vision 350
Уважаемые клиенты, компания UNITRONICS представляет Вам мощный ПЛК размером с ладонь: усовершенствованный с 3,5-дюймовым цветным сенсорным экраном. Имеет встроенную конфигурацию ввода/вывода, расширяется до 512 вводов/ выводов.11-04-2021
Проволочные чип-индуктивности Epcos SIMID 0805-F3
Корпорация Epcos — один из крупнейших европейских производителей электроники и один из известнейших в мире брендов на рынке пассивных компонентов, существующий уже 22 года. С 2009 года эта немецкая компания входит в состав TDK, сохраняя свои производственные линии и модельный ряд продукции. Промэлектроника — официальный партнёр и дистрибьютор продукции Epcos. Наш...09-04-2021
4 точечные подпружиненные Press-Fit контакты от I-PEX
Компания I-PEX разработала контакты с прессовой посадкой в 4 точках печатной платы без пайки – ISFIT.09-04-2021
Компания Lattice Semiconductor выпустила обновление для САПР Lattice Radiant 2.2.1.
Компания Lattice Semiconductor выпустила обновление для САПР Lattice Radiant
Курсы Intel FPGA: есть свободные места на курсах, проводимых с 19 по 26 апреля
Курсы Intel FPGA: есть свободные места на курсах, проводимых с 19 по 26 апреля08-04-2021
STMicroelectronics Announces Status of Common Share Repurchase Program
Disclosure of Transactions in Own Shares – Period from Apr 6, 2021 to Apr 9, 2021 Apr 12, 2021: STMicroelectronics N.V. (the “Company” or “STMicroelectronics”), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, announces full details of its common share repurchase program (the “Program”) disclosed via a press release dated November […]12-04-2021
New method observes compositional fluctuations in high-indium-content InGaN LEDs
The Low Energy Electronic Systems (LEES) Interdisciplinary Research Group (IRG) at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), together with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the National University of Singapore (NUS), have found a method to quantify the distribution of compositional fluctuations in indium gallium nitride (InGaN) quantum wells (QWs) at different indiu…12-04-2021
Modular newsgathering makes content aggregation faster, more accurate
The use of small processing modules can significantly reduce overheads on computing systems with limited resources available to them when large amounts of data must nevertheless be processed. Research by a team in Greece described in the International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology shows how that approach can be used for content aggregation, information extraction, sentiment tagging, an…12-04-2021
Ethernet remote I/O modules support I/O expansion to 64 channels with a mix of signal types on a single IP address
Acromag’s BusWorks NT series remote I/O modules provide an Ethernet interface for analog, discrete and temperature signals. NTE Ethernet I/O models have dual RJ45 ports and a webserver with Modbus TCP/IP communication to monitor or control the internal I/O channels. An integrated DIN rail bus allows connection of up to three NTX expansion I/O modules.… The post Ethernet remote I/O modules support …12-04-2021
STMicroelectronics Announces Status of Common Share Repurchase Program
PR N°C2995C STMicroelectronics Announces Status of  Common Share Repurchase Program Disclosure of Transactions in Own Shares – Period from Apr 6, 2021 to Apr 9, 2021 AMSTERDAM – April 12, 2021 -- STMicroelectronics N.V. (the “Company” or “STMicroelectronics”), a global semiconductor leader serving12-04-2021
Resilience against replay attacks in computer systems
From power grids and telecommunications to water supply and financial systems, digital data controls the infrastructure systems on which society relies. These complex, multi-tier systems depend on layered communications to accomplish their tasks—yet every point of contact becomes a potential target, every path of information a potential weak spot for malicious actors to attack.12-04-2021
Huawei, HSBC Strike Deal Over Documents in Extradition Fight
Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou believes the documents will help in her battle against extradition from Canada to the U.S. on charges related to alleged sanctions-busting sales to Iran.12-04-2021
Can We Create Electronic Plants?
The manufacturing of analogue and digital organic electronic circuits and devices in living plants has been reported. The four key components of a circuit (an energy source, a conductor (wire), an electrical load, and at least one controller) have been achieved. Plants in their various forms are always an integral part of the human life […] The post Can We Create Electronic Plants? appeared first …12-04-2021
Jack Ma's Ant Group Bows to Beijing With Company Overhaul
Ant Group, the financial-technology giant controlled by billionaire Jack Ma, will apply to become a financial holding company overseen by China’s central bank.12-04-2021
Rohde & Schwarz teams with Warwick University for automotive webinars
The future of automotive testing is to be the subject of webinars produced by Rohde & Schwarz, the University of Warwick and the Midlands Future Mobility. “The automotive industry has clear targets and ambitions for ‘vision zero’, self-driving and electrified line-ups to ensure a safer and connected driving experience,” said Rohde & Schwarz business development manager ... This story continues at …12-04-2021
Exhuming an Ancient Game From a Government Warehouse
Many readers will be familiar with the final scene of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, in which the Ark of the Covenant, having been retrieved by Indiana Jones, is placed …read more12-04-2021
Securing the IIoT
By Cliff Ortmeyer, Head of Marketing at Newark Manufacturers seek new technological innovations to improve productivity and, ultimately, their market competitiveness. It’s why the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has drawn the industry’s attention to the benefits of making their factories smarter and more data-driven. Yet, large changes in ways of working can cause confusion,… The post Securin…12-04-2021
JOB: Specialist – Transmission At Ericsson
Our Exciting Opportunity The main purpose is to take full responsibility of Configuration Management / Troubleshooting & Problem Analysis / Technical Discussions / Self Initiator to Mentor peers for Competence Development / Process understanding and awareness / Audits awareness and follow ups / handling emergencies and trouble tickets activities related to Transmission Network! We believe […] The …12-04-2021
JOB: Process Data Engineer At Shell
Purpose & Accountabilities Support and execute CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) build and assurance activities for identified projects across Upstream, Downstream and IG to deliver first time right data from project to operations and maintenance. This includes delivery of quality asset data from the project to support the business to transition smoothly to run and […] The post JOB…12-04-2021
JOB: Software Engineer II At Philips
Your responsibilities Responsible for the design, implementation, testing and all related documentation for a project. Gather, define and write the detailed requirements specifications based upon higher level system requirements & the system design specification; Create a design of the software on the basis of the detailed requirements, so that the software will be reliable, efficient […] The post…12-04-2021
Fibre optic cleaver, and fusion splicer upgrade
Fujikura has today launched a range of optical fibre cleavers and added the IPA2 fibre alignment method to its existing FSM-100 fibre splicer series. The cleavers, called CT-105 (right) “feature a new clamping function which improves cleave angles by automatically detecting the optimal camping force. Alongside a 75% reduction in clamp force, there’s a 90% ... This story continues at Fibre optic cl…12-04-2021