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11 мая
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Deep Blue, 1997 год
Deep Blue — шахматный суперкомпьютер, разработанный компанией IBM, который 11 мая 1997 года одержал победу в матче из 6 партий с чемпионом мира по шахматам Гарри Каспаровым1997 год
Обновление документации по LTE и NB IoT модулям Telit
Компания Telit представила обновленные версии технической документации на ряд модулей 4G, а также некоторую документацию по новым бюджетным модулям читать далее11-05-2021
Изучите основы проектирования плат c управлением энергопотребления с помощью Versal ACAP
Versal ACAP - это полностью программируемая гетерогенная вычислительная платформа, которая требует новой стратегии оценки энергопотребления новых архитектурных блоков и потока данных.11-05-2021
AC/DC-преобразователь AMEL5-5MJZ для медицинских изделий от Aimtec
Канадская корпорация Aimtec, Inc. с 2002 г. является разработчиком и производителем широкого ряда AC/DC и DC/DC-преобразователей мощностью от 1 до 250 Вт. Занимая столь узкую нишу, компания сосредоточивает усилия на улучшении характеристик своей продукции, что позволило ей стать одним из известнейших брендов в своём сегменте рынка. "Промэлектроника" — официальный дистрибьютор продукции Aimtec,...07-05-2021
Управляемые коммутаторы с поддержкой работы в реальном времени от Phoenix Сontact
Новые FL Switch TSN 2300 Phoenix Contact представляют собой первые коммутаторы Ethernet для Time Sensitive Networking (TSN). Они позволяют создавать синхронные по времени приложения и обеспечивают, таким образом, коммуникацию в реальном времени и повышенную готовность в автоматизированных сетях.07-05-2021
Новая серия конденсаторов E67
Новая серия конденсаторов E6707-05-2021
Разъёмы на плату от TE Connectivity
Американо-швейцарский бренд TE Connectivity существует с 2007 г. Фактическая же история началась ещё в ходе Второй мировой войны. Несмотря на реорганизации, корпорация сохранила накопленный за много лет существования опыт разработки и производства всевозможных разъёмов и соединителей. В наши дни продукция TE Connectivity в мире успешно конкурирует с таким гигантом, как...05-05-2021
Семинар Xilinx в Минске 24.05.2021
Инженеров-разработчиков и сотрудников ИТ-отделов приглашаем принять участие в техническом семинаре, посвящённом новейшим продуктам компании Xilinx, который состоится 24 мая 2021 года в городе Минск.05-05-2021
SLIVER 2.0 CONNECTOR – современное решение для систем хранения данных от TE Connectivity
SLIVER 2.0 CONNECTOR – новый стандарт для хранения данных от TE Connectivity04-05-2021
Accellera’s Functional Safety Group White Paper
Key concepts of functional safety development lifecycle, challenges in the development process of safety critical applications & the mission of the working group. The post Accellera’s Functional Safety Group White Paper appeared first on Semiconductor Engineering.11-05-2021
Pasternack debuts GaN-based input-protected LNAs
Pasternack Inc of Irvine, CA, USA (an Infinite Electronics brand that makes both passive and active RF, microwave and millimeter-wave products) has launched a new series of low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) suitable for use in electronic warfare (EW), electronic counter-measures (ECM), microwave radio, VSAT, SATCOM, radar, space systems, R&D, prototype/proof-of-concept, and test & measurement applicatio…11-05-2021
1.8V 10Gbit/s USB Type-C and DisplayPort 2.0 re-drivers
Diodes has introduced 1.8V 10Gbit/s line re-drivers for USB Type-C and DisplayPort 2.0 connections. PI2DPX1066 and PI2DPX1217 are 4-to-4 devices for USB Type-C with 900mV max swing, and support DisplayPort for host CPUs with integrated USB – DisplayPort crossbar switches. Both have four modes: SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps or 2-lane DP1.4/DP2.0 ... This story co…11-05-2021
Scientists develop new eco-technologies for hydrogen production
Employees of Samara Polytech University, the specialists from the Department of Gas Processing, Hydrogen and Special Technologies and the Research Center "Fundamental Problems of Thermophysics and Mechanics," conducted theoretical and experimental studies of hydrodynamics, heat transfer and diffusion during methane pyrolysis (natural gas) in a layer of molten tin. The latest research results are p…11-05-2021
EPC launches scalable 1.5kW two-phase 48V/12V DC-DC demo board
Efficient Power Conversion Corp (EPC) of El Segundo, CA, USA – which makes enhancement-mode gallium nitride on silicon (eGaN) power field-effect transistors (FETs) and integrated circuits for power management applications – has announced the availability of the EPC9137 demonstration board, a 1.5kW, two-phase 48V–12V bidirectional converter that operates with 97% efficiency in a very small footprin…11-05-2021
3D-Printed Desiccant Container Exploits Infill
Desiccant is common in 3D printing because the drier plastic filament is, the better it prints. Beads of silica gel are great for controlling humidity, but finding a porous container …read more11-05-2021
Recalculating The Cost Of Test
Why it's becoming so difficult to put a number on well-known process. The post Recalculating The Cost Of Test appeared first on Semiconductor Engineering.11-05-2021
Do you really need microservices?
Microservices, such as containers and web services, are all the rage. But are they the best fit for your company? Jack Wallen poses and answers the question.11-05-2021
1.8V 10Gbps USB Type-C & DisplayPort Linear ReDrivers from Diodes Incorporated Deliver Enhanced Signal Integrity Performance and Low-Power Operation
Diodes Incorporated (NASDAQ: DIOD) has strengthened its position in the linear ReDriver™ IC market with the introduction of the 1.8V PI2DPX1066, PI2DPX1217, and PI2DPX1263. Suited for a range of applications including notebook and desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, docking stations, gaming consoles, monitors, and virtual reality equipment, these parts use a lower level supply voltage and draw less…11-05-2021
200 modal carriers received through 1km multi-mode fibre
Pre-distorted modal-modulation has been used to carry over 200 channels through a 1km multi-mode fibre in the face of modal and polarisation cross-talk. In the demonstration, by the US University of Rochester, the fibre was constantly measured by a probe beam passing down the fibre in the opposite direction to the would-be data-carrying beam. At the ... This story continues at 200 modal carriers r…11-05-2021
Avionics packaging repurposed for ground-based defense uses
The Mini Modular Rack Principle (MiniMRP) electronics packaging solution targets military ground vehicles and defense applications. Previously, ground defense vehicles did not use sophisticated electronic suites, ultimately hindering the ability to package a voluminous amount of electronics. With new military ground vehicles in development or in queue for upgrades, TE actively looked for an opport…11-05-2021
The Russian Woodpecker: Official Bird of the Cold War Nests in Giant Antenna
On July 4th, 1976, as Americans celebrated the country’s bicentennial with beer and bottle rockets, a strong signal began disrupting shortwave, maritime, aeronautical, and telecommunications signals all over the world. …read more11-05-2021
Why perovskite solar cells tend to segregate under the influence of light
Solar cells made of perovskite are cheap, easy to produce, and almost as efficient as silicon, the material traditionally used in solar cells. However, perovskite cells have a love-hate-relationship with the Sun. The light that they need to generate electricity also happens to impair the quality of the cells, thus severely limiting their efficiency and stability over time. Researchers at Eindhoven…11-05-2021
Researchers study anti-vax Facebook groups in early days of COVID-19 pandemic
Social media has become a powerful force for spreading information, and unfortunately, misinformation. Anti-vaccine groups have established a strong presence on social media sites like Facebook. A pair of UConn researchers recently found these groups quickly seized on the COVID-19 pandemic as their next avenue of mongering fears over a vaccine before it even existed.11-05-2021
The brain game: What causes engagement and addiction to video games?
History tells us that games are an inseparable facet of humanity, and mainly for good reasons. Advocates of video games laud their pros: they help develop problem-solving skills, socialize, relieve stress, and exercise the mind and body—all at the same time! However, games also have a dark side: the potential for addiction. The explosive growth of the video game industry has spawned all sorts of g…11-05-2021
Mythic raises $70m Series C
Mythic, the analogue AI processor company, has completed a $70 million Series C funding round led by BlackRock and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). The Series C round brings Mythic’s total funding to $165.2 million. Mythic will use the new funding to accelerate plans for mass production of its AI inference devices and increase support for the ... This story continues at Mythic raises $70m Series …11-05-2021