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6 апреля

Микроконтроллеры PIC

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Windows 3.1
В этот день Микрософт начала продажи новой ОС по всему миру. В ней появились TrueType шрифты и шрифты с поддержкой кириллицы1992 год
TrustME Secure Flash для IoT устройств от Winbond
Компания Winbond Electronics объявила о расширении своего инновационного семейства микросхем памяти TrustME Secure Flash, представив серию для IoT, интеллектуальных потребительских и промышленных устройств – серия W77Q.06-04-2020
11 мифов о тепловом анализе
Развитие электронной отрасли связано с постоянным увеличением спроса на все более компактные и все более мощные устройства. Во многих случаях рост плотности мощности приводит к увеличению тепловыделения при одновременном уменьшении свободного пространства. В результате тепловое проектирование становится жизненно важным этапом при разработке электронных устройств.03-04-2020
PET термоскотч
Самую надежную защиту обеспечивает полиимидный термоскотч торговой марки Kapton производства компании 3М. Вторым по популярности материалом являтеся PET – полиэстер. Особенности РЕТ термостойкой ленты: превосходные характеристики электроизоляции, превосходная стабильность размеров ленты при нагреве, превосходная термозащита, легкость удаления без остатков клея на поверхности. Возможные области при…03-04-2020
Флуоресцентные фильтры для диагностики коронавируса COVID-19 методом ПЦР-РВ от компании ОТF
Компания OTF предлагает флуоресцентные фильтры для приборов ПЦР-РВ для диагностики нового коронавируса COVID-19. 03-04-2020
Компания Golledge представила две новые серии термостатированных генераторов с напряжением питания 12 В.
Термостатированные генераторы серии SCOCXO обеспечивают стабильный CMOS выходной сигнал и отличные характеристики фазового шума, включая -120 дБн/Гц @ 100 Гц. Напряжение питания 12 В делает генераторы серии SCOCXO идеальными для аналоговых задач, где требуется большой размах напряжения, и для аудиоэлектроники, где необходим хороший динамический диапазон. Основные отличительные особенности серии S…03-04-2020
Тестирование TensorFlow Lite для микроконтроллеров в Linux SBC
В этой статье будут показаны результаты тестирования API TensorFlow Lite для микроконтроллеров (tflite-micro) на разных одноплатных компьютерах (SBC) с Linux. Для этой цели используется код, который первоначально был написал для тестирования и сравнения API tflite-micro, написанного на C , и API-интерфейса tflite python из этого репозитория:02-04-2020
Новое поколение ZigBee-микросхем EFR32MG22
Компания Silicon Labs начала производство новой серии микросхем EFR32MG22 стандарта Zigbee PRO/Green Power, оптимизированных для устройств с батарейным питанием.02-04-2020
Новое поколение ZigBee-микросхем EFR32MG22.
Новое поколение ZigBee-микросхем EFR32MG22.02-04-2020
Navigating Self-Driving Cars By Looking At What’s Underneath The Road
When you put a human driver behind the wheel, they will use primarily their eyes to navigate. Both to stay on the road and to use any navigation aids, such as maps and digital navigation assistants. For self-driving cars, tackling the latter is relatively easy, as the system would use …read more06-04-2020
MaxLinear buys Intel’s home gateway assets
MaxLinear is to buy Intel’s Home Gateway Platform Division assets in an all-cash, asset transaction valued at $150 million. The Home Gateway Platform Division comprises Wi-Fi Access Points, Ethernet and Home Gateway SoC products deployed across operator and retail markets. The acquisition will enable MaxLinear to complement its existing portfolio, bringing together a complete and ... This story co…06-04-2020
Transphorm and Microchip combine GaN and DSP technology
Transphorm Inc of Goleta, near Santa Barbara, CA, USA — which designs and manufactures JEDEC- and AEC-Q101-qualified 650V gallium nitride (GaN) field-effect transistors (FETs) for high-voltage power conversion applications — has announced a partnership to integrate the dsPIC33CK digital signal controller board of microcontroller provider Microchip Technology Inc of Chandler, AZ, USA with its 4kW A…06-04-2020
Compact, low-ESR aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Panasonic has introduced a range of compact low-ESR SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors with capacitance 20 – 80% higher than its existing FK series. Called FN, it covers parts from 10µF to 1,800µF and 6.3 to 100Vdc, which share an expected lifetime of 2,000 hours through the rated temperature range of -55°C to 105°C. For automotive use, they are AEC-Q200 ... This story continues at Compact, low-…06-04-2020
Automation In Logistics Helping Prevent Fraud
Weighbridge solutions are an important investment when it comes to the success of operations at logistics firms. For industries such as those related to metal and mining, heavy vehicles are used to transport materials from one place to another. Both dispatch of products from one end and receiving on the other need to be hassle-free. […] The post Automation In Logistics Helping Prevent Fraud appear…06-04-2020
Solar Power Use On The Rise For Mobility
Indian Railways is planning to become the world’s first hundred per cent green operator within the next ten years. Several developments in the past decade are helping reduce dependence on non-renewable sources of energy in various sectors across the world. Great strides in renewable energy like solar and wind have been significant in reducing carbon […] The post Solar Power Use On The Rise For Mob…06-04-2020
Charging 2.0: The Shift To Reverse Wireless Charging
It is possible to mould the idea of using one device to charge another for different kinds of applications that require power, including cellphones and electric vehicles. Ever since cellphones were launched, we have been using mostly wired chargers for charging the devices. On several occasions, I, like many others, have wished that there were […] The post Charging 2.0: The Shift To Reverse Wirele…06-04-2020
5G And The Bug
When the history of these times comes to be written, what will it be called? The Age of Reason? I don’t think so. People latch onto trends but few think for themselves. The Age of Elegance? Surely not, people dress deplorably, The Dark Ages? Definitely not, knowledge sloshes around the world like never before. The ... This story continues at 5G And The Bug Or just read more coverage at Electronics…06-04-2020
Download A Bit Of Sinclair History
If you are a devotee of the Sinclair series of 8-bit home computers then a piece of news from the Centre For Computing History in Cambridge may be of interest to you, they’ve released a copy of the ROM from their ZX Spectrum prototype. This machine surfaced last year as …read more06-04-2020
7.5GHz real-time spectrum analyser from Siglent
Siglent has introduced a spectrum analyser with a real-time analysis bandwidth up to 40MHz and a maximum frequency of 7.5GHz. There is also a 5GHz version. Called SSA3000X-R, the “series extends the functionality of a classical spectrum analyser with the benefits of real-time signal acquisition and analysis,” according to the company. “Addressable application areas include broadcast, ... This stor…06-04-2020
Re-wireable locking IEC mains inlet
Schurter has added its V-Lock cord retention system to a re-wireable IEC C13 mains appliance inlet connector. Called 4783, it is available in black, white and grey for differentiation – for example when used for three-phase systems, said the company, adding: “Reconnectable appliance sockets are particularly suitable for small series builds. With these inlets you ... This story continues at Re-wire…06-04-2020
Q2 server shipments to grow 7-9% q-o-q
Q2 server shipments are expected to grow 7-9% q-o-q in Q2, says TrendForce. The driving force is the top four cloud providers in the US (AWS, MS, Google, IBM) which have switched some server production from China to Taiwan to avoid the US-China trade friction. Most Chinese companies have resumed factory operations. Server suppliers such ... This story continues at Q2 server shipments to grow 7-9% …06-04-2020
Smartphone sales fall 14% in February
As COVID-19 takes its toll, market demand is fragile but global smartphone sales (sell-through) in February declined only 14% year-on-year, showing some resilience, notes market research firm Counterpoint. From the supply side, global smartphone shipments (sell-in) fell by a slightly greatly 18%, but again this was a lower-than-expected drop...06-04-2020
Global Status Board Keeps Eye on COVID-19 Situation
When it comes to keeping abreast of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are basically two schools of thought. Some people would rather not hear the number of confirmed cases or deaths, and just want to focus on those who recovered. That’s fair enough. But others want to have all of the …read more06-04-2020
Costly cloud
Q4 spending on cloud infrastructure (server, enterprise storage, and Ethernet switch) was $19.4 billion – up 12.4% y-o-y, reports IDC. In the whole of 2019, $66.8 billion was spent on cloud infrastructure, The Q4 growth was driven by the public cloud segment, which grew 14.5% y-o-y to $13.3 billion; private cloud grew 8.2% to $6.1 ... This story continues at Costly cloud Or just read more coverage…06-04-2020
MPs resist move to re-locate Imagination to China
At an emergency board meeting on Tuesday a move is planned to put four representatives of a China state-backed organisation onto Imagination’s board. It is feared that this could be a possible preliminary to re-domiciling Imagination in China. Four senior MPs – the chairs of four Commons select committees – business, energy and industrial strategy; ... This story continues at MPs resist move to re…06-04-2020