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Президент США Рональд Рейган, проверяя микрофон перед пресс-конференцией, заявил на всю страну, не зная, что микрофон включён: «Дорогие американцы, я рад сообщить вам, что только что подписал закон об объявлении России вне закона на вечные времена. Бомбардировка начнётся через пять минут».1984 год
Mouser sells Intel's phase change memory on DDR modules
Mouser is now stocking Optane memory modules from Intel with capacities of up to 512GBytes. These modules are based on 3D Xpoint memory, a form of phase-change non-volatile memory. The modules are DDR4 socket compatible and operate on the same buses/channels as DDR4 DRAM. The modules can be configured to operate as volatile memory capacity indistinguishable from DRAM from a software perspective, …11-08-2020
Hotel Robots Get Second Life as Industry Adapts to Covid-19
Robots that deliver food or clean rooms have gone from a high-tech gimmick to the hotel industry’s latest weapon to keep customers safe from the coronavirus.11-08-2020
Startup Office Firm Taking on Zoom in Virtual World
Zoom has thrived during the pandemic by offering virtual conferences as an alternative to office gatherings. Now, a firm in the events and meetings business is launching an alternative to Zoom.11-08-2020
SoftBank Starts Comeback With $12 Billion Profit, Helped by Sprint Sale
Technology investor SoftBank Group has swung back to profit, after earlier this year posting the worst results in the company’s history.11-08-2020
AI audio startup ships one million ICs, raises funds
Syntiant Corp. (Irvine Calif.), an analog AI startup focused on audio interfaces, has shipped more than one million of its neural decision processors (NDPs) and raised $35 million in Series C funding round. The company was founded in 2017 and Microsoft, through its M12 venture fund, and Applied Ventures, the VC arm of Applied Materials have led the latest investment. Atlantic Bridge Capital, Alph…11-08-2020
U.S. Employers Shed IT Jobs Amid Faltering Reopening Plans
U.S. employers shed roughly 134,000 information-technology jobs in July, according to IT trade group CompTIA, a signal that companies might be taking a wait-and-see approach as questions remain over everything from a new stimulus package to the return of in-person schooling amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic.11-08-2020
Meet the Woman Who Brought Michelle Obama to Spotify
Spotify got serious about podcasts less than two years ago, but some of the biggest names in culture have already signed on with the company, thanks to the efforts of Dawn Ostroff, an executive who’s made her career tackling the next big thing in media.11-08-2020
PMIC startup hits 50 million smartphone landmark
Switched-capacitor PMIC startup Lion Semiconductor Inc. (San Francisco, Calif.) has announced its ICs have been used in 50 million smartphones. The company has achieved this level of penetration two years after the start of production shipments and eight years after the founding of the company in 2012. Lion's switched-capacitor ICs have been used for wireless charging in Xiaomi smartphones and fo…11-08-2020
Uber, Lyft Ordered to Classify Drivers as Employees
A California judge said ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft shouldn’t classify their drivers as independent contractors, citing the state’s gig-worker law that went into effect this year.11-08-2020
A new approach to separate hydrogen from carbon dioxide using graphdiyne-like membrane
Vanishing fine structure splitting in highly asymmetric InAs/InP quantum dots without wetting layer
White House to Retool Pentagon Airwaves for 5G Networks
The Trump administration on Monday outlined a plan to commercialize a broad swath of military radio frequencies for use in next-generation 5G networks, yielding to cellphone carriers that have sought the spectrum.11-08-2020
Match Group Looks to Capitalize on Video Dating During the Pandemic
Online-dating firm Match Group is giving users new features to woo each other via video call, providing the company with additional income streams as the coronavirus pandemic changes courtship behavior.11-08-2020
Kodak Shares Fall as Planned $765 Million Loan Is Put on Ice
Kodak shares lost more than a quarter of their value after news that a planned $765 million loan to the company was put on hold amid congressional and regulatory scrutiny.10-08-2020
Nikola Wins Order for 2,500 Electric Garbage Trucks
Nikola says it secured an order to make at least 2,500 electric garbage trucks for refuse giant Republic Services, fulfilling one of the electric-vehicle startup’s three major business goals for the year.10-08-2020
MRAM vendor makes turnaround progress
MRAM component vendor Everspin Technologies Inc. (Chandler, Arizona) made a net loss of $1.3 million on sales revenue of $11.8 million in 2Q20. Sales were up 17 percent from the $10.1 million in the previous quarter and 37 percent over the $8.6 million reported in 2Q19. The net loss was down from a net loss of $1.7 million in the previous quarter and down from $3.7 million in the same quarter in …10-08-2020