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26 сентября
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Иван Петрович Павлов
Иван Петрович Павлов - русский физиолог, лауреат Нобелевской премии (1904). В период разрухи и нищеты Павлова пригласили переехать в Швецию, где планировалось построить такой институт, какой он захочет. Павлов ответил, что из России он никуда не уедет.1849 год
Филипп Георгиевич Старос
Альфред Сарант (Alfred Sarant 1918—1979) — американско-советский инженер, разведчик.1918 год
Новый размер в серии корпусов BODY-CASE от OKW
Компания OKW расширила серию BODY-CASE новым размером – XL, новый размер создан для удобства размещения дисплеев в корпусах. Новый размер также доступен в 4х вариантах исполнения, как и предыдущие размеры: с углубленной областью или без, с промежуточным кольцом цвета лава или оранжевым. Габаритные размеры: 62x56x18 мм (без углубленной области) и 62x56x17 мм (с углубленной областью). [...]28-08-2020
Google Parent Agrees to Sweeping Workplace Changes in Settlement of Sexual Harassment Suits
Google’s parent announced workplace changes including forbidding romantic relationships between bosses and subordinates and put $310 million into a diversity and inclusion fund in a settlement of shareholder suits Friday.26-09-2020
Apple Suspends Commissions for Apps Offering Paid Online Events
The change comes as the App Store owner faces scrutiny from software developers and regulators over how its digital marketplace operates.26-09-2020
Beijing Frets Over Losing Control of TikTok as It Debates App's Fate
Chinese officials weighing an agreement to turn TikTok into a U.S.-based company are eager to ensure that the short-video app’s Chinese owner retains control over its global operations and that TikTok’s source code remains secret.25-09-2020
With Electric-Car Target, California Is Going to Need a Bigger Grid
Converting all passenger cars and trucks to run on electricity in California could raise power demand by as much as 25%. That poses a major challenge for a state already facing periodic rolling blackouts as it rapidly transitions to renewable energy.25-09-2020
Apple Faces Prolonged $15 Billion Tax Battle as EU Appeals
The tech giant’s legal battle over a $15.2 billion tax bill will continue, potentially for years, after the European Union appealed a court ruling that sided with Apple.25-09-2020
Google, Twitter and Facebook CEOs Threatened With Subpoena
A GOP-led Senate committee scheduled an Oct. 1 vote to subpoena testimony about tech companies’ legal immunity. Democrats call the move election-year intimidation.25-09-2020
Data-driven studies of magnetic two-dimensional materials
Plasmonic antenna coupling to hyperbolic phonon-polaritons for sensitive and fast mid-infrared photodetection with graphene
Palantir Expected to Be Valued at Nearly $22 Billion in IPO
The data-mining-software specialist is eschewing the traditional IPO route and going public through a direct listing. Bankers have told investors the shares could start trading around $10 apiece.25-09-2020
Amazon Event: Tech Titan Unveils New Home Drone, Speakers, Gaming Service
The company’s product event focuses on smart-home technology and security as more people stay indoors during the coronavirus pandemic.24-09-2020
Facebook Tightens Rules for Employee Discussions in Internal Groups
Facebook will train and require employees to moderate internal discussion groups devoted to politics, social causes and other topics unrelated to company business as part of its effort to curb internal debate around divisive issues.24-09-2020
Adobe Freshens Up Its PDF for Mobile
Known as Liquid Mode, the app update mimics a mobile-web experience, with text and dimensions that easily adjust to a tiny screen.24-09-2020
TikTok Owner Puts Deal With Oracle, Walmart in Beijing's Hands
ByteDance is seeking approval from Beijing for the White House-endorsed plan under new export restrictions, as Chinese state media continue criticism.24-09-2020
Epic, Spotify Form Group to Push for App Store Changes
“Fortnite” maker Epic Games and other companies have forged an alliance to pressure Apple and other app-store operators to make changes to their marketplace rules, which the group says stifle competition.24-09-2020
Apple Watch Series 6 and SE: Watch Out for the Upsell
Hoping an Apple Watch Series 6 could replace your pulse oximeter? Don’t count on it giving you reliable blood-oxygen readings, says Joanna Stern.24-09-2020
Google Antitrust Suit Looms Over Issues of Search Dominance, Advertising
State attorneys general are expected to meet with top Justice Department officials to discuss how—and how quickly—they should pursue an antitrust case against Google that could reshape the online business environment.24-09-2020