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25 сентября
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В 1928 году компания Motorola начала свое существование как семейная компания, основанная братьями Полом и Джозефом Галвинами. На работу было принято 5 человек, общая зарплата которых составляла 63 доллара в неделю1928 год
Новый размер в серии корпусов BODY-CASE от OKW
Компания OKW расширила серию BODY-CASE новым размером – XL, новый размер создан для удобства размещения дисплеев в корпусах. Новый размер также доступен в 4х вариантах исполнения, как и предыдущие размеры: с углубленной областью или без, с промежуточным кольцом цвета лава или оранжевым. Габаритные размеры: 62x56x18 мм (без углубленной области) и 62x56x17 мм (с углубленной областью). [...]28-08-2020
Линейка корпусов Room Sensor от CamdenBoss
В линейке корпусов для датчиков помещений представлено 3 размера: 86x86x25,5 мм 74x74x25,5 мм 51x51x25,5 мм Для всех размеров доступен вариант с вентиляцией и без, и три стандартных цвета корпуса: черный, серый и белый. Все размеры имеют  встроенные стойки для размещения печатных плат, а также отверстия на основании для настенного монтажа. Быстрая сборка без винтов – [...]26-08-2020
Amazon Event: Tech Titan Unveils New Home Drone, Speakers, Gaming Service
The company’s product event focuses on smart-home technology and security as more people stay indoors during the coronavirus pandemic.24-09-2020
TikTok Owner Puts Deal With Oracle, Walmart in Beijing's Hands
ByteDance is seeking approval from Beijing for the White House-endorsed plan under new export restrictions, as Chinese state media continue criticism.24-09-2020
Epic, Spotify Form Group to Push for App Store Changes
“Fortnite” maker Epic Games and other companies have forged an alliance to pressure Apple and other app-store operators to make changes to their marketplace rules, which the group says stifle competition.24-09-2020
Apple Watch Series 6 and SE: Watch Out for the Upsell
Hoping an Apple Watch Series 6 could replace your pulse oximeter? Don’t count on it giving you reliable blood-oxygen readings, says Joanna Stern.24-09-2020
Google Antitrust Suit Looms Over Issues of Search Dominance, Advertising
State attorneys general are expected to meet with top Justice Department officials to discuss how—and how quickly—they should pursue an antitrust case against Google that could reshape the online business environment.24-09-2020
Biomedical Startups Secure Emergency Authorizations for Covid-19 Fight
Life sciences startups are accelerating their products to market through emergency-use authorizations granted because of the coronavirus pandemic.24-09-2020
DOJ to Seek Curbs on Immunity for Internet Companies
The Justice Department submitted a proposal to Congress on Wednesday to curb longstanding legal protections for internet companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter.24-09-2020
Correlation between the static and dynamic responses of organic single-crystal field-effect transistors
TikTok Asks Judge to Halt Trump's Download Ban
The video-sharing platform asked a federal judge to stop the U.S. from imposing a ban on the app over national-security concerns, with TikTok lawyers citing constitutional provisions for free speech and due process.24-09-2020
WeWork Sells Majority Stake in China Business, Cutting Costs
The real-estate operator is selling control of its business in China, the latest sign it is abandoning its former rapid-growth approach and looking to reduce risk.24-09-2020
Nikola's Talks With Energy Firms Stalled Following Short-Seller Report
The electric-truck maker’s pursuit of a deal with BP and other energy companies on hydrogen-refueling stations has paused, the first outward indication that allegations against Nikola are affecting its business plan.23-09-2020
A Robot Beats Humans at Their Own Game---This Time on the Ice
The triumph of a robot named Curly is the latest example of machines besting humans, but other big wins for the robots have been in digital environments; “with every throw, the ice changes.”23-09-2020
Volkswagen Takes Aim at Tesla With Electric SUV
Volkswagen took the wraps off its ID.4 all-electric sport-utility vehicle in a bid by the world’s largest car maker to challenge Tesla and re-energize a problem-ridden electric-vehicle strategy.23-09-2020
One Senator's Strategy for Containing Chinese Tech Dominance
Democrat Mark Warner, a former telecom executive, sees China’s erosion of the U.S.’s technological advantage as an existential threat to American values at home and abroad.23-09-2020
Streaming TV Is Surging, but the Ads Remain on Repeat
People are streaming more movies and shows on internet-connected TV sets. But keeping track of who is watching what and where—and how many times they see the same ads—is becoming a bigger frustration for advertisers seeking to move money into the medium.23-09-2020
Dunkin', Stadiums Try Checkout-Free Shopping as Social Distancing Remains a Priority
The coffee chain and hospitality stands at sports stadiums are testing a new checkout-free payment system from Mastercard as retailers try to meet shoppers’ desire for speed and reduced human contact.23-09-2020