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20 сентября
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Скомпилирована и запущена первая программа, написанная на Фортране.1954 год
Новый размер в серии корпусов BODY-CASE от OKW
Компания OKW расширила серию BODY-CASE новым размером – XL, новый размер создан для удобства размещения дисплеев в корпусах. Новый размер также доступен в 4х вариантах исполнения, как и предыдущие размеры: с углубленной областью или без, с промежуточным кольцом цвета лава или оранжевым. Габаритные размеры: 62x56x18 мм (без углубленной области) и 62x56x17 мм (с углубленной областью). [...]28-08-2020
Линейка корпусов Room Sensor от CamdenBoss
В линейке корпусов для датчиков помещений представлено 3 размера: 86x86x25,5 мм 74x74x25,5 мм 51x51x25,5 мм Для всех размеров доступен вариант с вентиляцией и без, и три стандартных цвета корпуса: черный, серый и белый. Все размеры имеют  встроенные стойки для размещения печатных плат, а также отверстия на основании для настенного монтажа. Быстрая сборка без винтов – [...]26-08-2020
Trump Signs Off on Deal Allowing TikTok to Continue U.S. Operations
The popular Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok will partner with Oracle and Walmart to become a U.S.-based company after negotiations that stirred debate over national security and the future of the internet.20-09-2020
Alibaba, Tencent Kick the Tires on a New Idea---Keeping China's Jalopies on the Road
China’s big tech companies are circling the auto-repair business in a bid to capture the boom in vehicle maintenance as the country’s vast car fleet begins to age.19-09-2020
Huang's Law Is the New Moore's Law, and Explains Why Nvidia Wants Arm
The rule that the same dollar buys twice the computing power every 18 months is no longer true, but a new law—which we named for the CEO of Nvidia, the company now most emblematic of commercial AI—is in full effect.19-09-2020
U.S. Bans Chinese Apps TikTok and WeChat, Citing Security Concerns
The Trump administration will begin restricting downloads and use of popular Chinese-owned apps TikTok and WeChat late Sunday, in a move U.S. officials said arose from national security concerns but which drew objections for impinging on free-speech rights.19-09-2020
Six Charged With Bribing Amazon Workers to Boost Third-Party Sellers
The defendants were part of groups that acted as consultants to vendors on Amazon’s marketplace, according to the indictment.19-09-2020
Judge to Hear Arguments on Trump's WeChat Restrictions
A California federal judge will hear arguments Friday as part of an emergency push to delay enforcement of President Trump’s order placing restrictions on the app WeChat.19-09-2020
Console Makers Now Have Bigger Game to Play
Microsoft and Sony have cooled their long-running price war over videogame consoles. But that is because a much bigger contest looms.18-09-2020
SoftBank Sells Brightstar, Carrying On Its Divestiture Spree
Japan’s SoftBank continued a remarkable string of asset sales, saying it is selling U.S.-based wireless-services unit Brightstar to a private-equity firm founded by a former Brightstar executive.18-09-2020
Europe Is Lagging Behind on 5G Rollout, Companies Warn
Europe’s deployment of 5G cellular-communications networks is alarmingly slow, says a lobbying group of the Continent’s biggest companies.18-09-2020
Oracle, Walmart Aim for Significant Stakes in TikTok
Backers of plans for Oracle to join with TikTok to create a new U.S. company for the video-sharing app are working on a new ownership structure aimed at alleviating U.S. concerns over Chinese control.18-09-2020
Hot electrons in a nanowire hard X-ray detector
Ultrathin complex oxide nanomechanical resonators
Graphene transistors for real-time monitoring molecular self-assembly dynamics
Snowflake CEO Slootman Scores IPO Hat Trick With Big Bet on Data
With Snowflake’s supercharged IPO this week, Chief Executive Frank Slootman has achieved a rare investment trifecta: delivering three of the hottest tech public stock offerings of their time.18-09-2020
Facebook to Curb Internal Debate Over Sensitive Issues Amid Staff Discord
Facebook is moving to curb internal debate around divisive political and social topics, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said, after a spate of disputes and criticism that has fueled discord among staffers.18-09-2020
Travelport Owners, Lenders Settle $1 Billion Debt Dispute
Elliott Management’s Travelport Worldwide is nearing a restructuring settlement that would unwind a disputed $1 billion shareholder rescue and end a standoff with some of Wall Street’s biggest debt buyers, people familiar with the matter said.17-09-2020