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Solo (15.03.2023 15:44, просмотров: 348) ответил Costic на "В результате резкого маневрирования в районе 9:30 мск беспилотный летательный аппарат MQ-9 перешел в неуправляемый полет с потерей высоты и столкнулся с водной поверхностью", — сообщили в Минобороны.
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"At that moment, while in a climbing left turn, the crew heard a brief squeak and a rattling sound, possibly caused by wake turbulence. Some fifteen seconds later the Airbus began to yaw to the right. Full right and left rudder were applied and the first officer called for "max power" at 09:15:54. Again full right and left rudder were applied and sounds of a snap, a thump and a loud bang were heard when the rudder travelled full right again. The entire vertical tail fin had separated and the Airbus entered an uncontrolled descent from an altitude of about 2500 feet. "