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9 мая
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3m (07.02.2020 08:57, просмотров: 471) в ответ на Смотрю я на [N9H30F61IEC] и [N9H30F71IEC] из свежего каталога и радуют они меня. Это ведь на самом деле бомба! - автор: Evgeny_CD
5.20.2 Features * Supports IEEE Std. 802.3 CSMA/CD protocol * Supports Ethernet frame time stamping for IEEE Std. 1588 – 2002 protocol * Supports both half and full duplex for 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps operation * Supports RMII interface * Supports MII Management function to control external Ethernet PHY * Supports pause and remote pause function for flow control * Supports long frame (more than 1518 bytes) and short frame (less than 64 bytes) reception * Supports 16 entries CAM function for Ethernet MAC address recognition * Supports Magic Packet recognition to wake system up from power-down mode * Supports 256 bytes transmit FIFO and 256 bytes receive FIFO * Supports DMA function