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15 мая


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Космодром Байконур, 1957 год
Со стартовой площадки полигона произведен первый пуск межконтинентальной баллистической ракеты Р-7 конструкции С. П. Королева1957 год
Пьер Кюри, 1859 год
Нобелевский лауреат Пьер Кюри, исследуя радиацию, 10 часов облучал свою руку. В результате чего появилась язва и вместе с ней — новая область медицины, названной радиотерапией. Сам Пьер умер от того, что попал под лошадь.1859 год
Оптические переключатели 1×N и матрицы M×N на основе технологии цифровых МЭМС от Agiltron
Компании Agiltron выпустила линейку высоконадёжных, недорогих и компактных оптических переключателей на основе технологии микроэлектромеханических систем (МЭМС) MEMS Fiber Optical Switches.14-05-2021
DC/DC-преобразователи Aimtec мощностью 1 Вт
Aimtec, Inc. — один из наиболее известных брендов в сегменте преобразователей постоянного и переменного тока. Компания производит широкий ассортимент источников питания и преобразователей напряжения мощностью от 1 до 250 Вт. Её изделия соответствуют ряду требований по надёжности, содержанию вредных веществ, а также в большинстве случаев сертифицированы для применения в той или...14-05-2021
МТ-Системс – дистрибьютор Mornsun
nRF5340 в корпусе WLCSP доступен серийно
Развивая серию nRF53 Nordic представил версию nRF5340 в компактном корпусе WLCSP95 4x4 мм. Количество выводов и интерфейсов остались аналогичным aQFN94 в 7x7 мм. читать далее13-05-2021
SiC MOSFET модули 1200 В WolfPack от Wolfspeed
Компания Wolfspeed (A Cree Company) выпустила семейство SiC MOSFET силовых модулей 12 класса Wolfpack FM3.13-05-2021
LR6 (AA), LR03 (AAA) – высококачественные щелочные батареи Panasonic со склада МТ-Системс
LR6AD и LR03AD – щелочные батареи, самых популярных типоразмеров AA и AAA, на складе компании МТ-Системс.13-05-2021
Новые высокоточные двухдиапазонные ГЛОНАСС/GPS-приёмники в корпусе доступны для заказа.
Новые высокоточные двухдиапазонные ГЛОНАСС/GPS-приёмники в корпусе доступны для заказа.13-05-2021
Опубликована статья "Интеграция LTE-модулей Neoway с ОС Linux"
Опубликована статья "Интеграция LTE-модулей Neoway с ОС Linux"13-05-2021
8 Best Routers for Spectrum in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide
No matter which ISP that you are going for your internet connectivity needs, it is most likely that they will offer you a WiFi router for free. And even though Spectrum also offers the same, these included routers are quite average in terms of their performance. Therefore, those of you who are using Spectrum can […] The post 8 Best Routers for Spectrum in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide appeared first…15-05-2021
Spacewar! on PDP-11 Restoration
If you want to play the original Spacewar! but you don’t have a PDP-1 nearby, then you’re in luck — assuming you have a PDP-11, that is. [Mattis Lind] has …read more15-05-2021
Netflix Movies Turn Up in a Surprising Place: Theaters
Facing a shortage of programming, more cinema operators are agreeing to show the streaming company’s movies ahead of their online debut, even if that means compromising on some issues that they once considered nonnegotiable.15-05-2021
Author Accuses Apple of Defamatory Statements
The prominent advertising-technology engineer let go by Apple amid an uproar over sexist passages in his memoir fired back, calling the company’s statements around his dismissal “defamatory and categorically false.”15-05-2021
Random Robot Makes Random Art
For the price of a toothbrush and a small motor with an offset weight, a bristlebot is essentially the cheapest robot that can be built. The motor shakes the toothbrush …read more15-05-2021
Automated Watering Machine Has What Plants Crave: Fertilizer
We’ve seen countless automated plant care systems over the years, but for some reason they almost never involve the secret sauce of gardening — fertilizer. But [xythobuz] knows what’s up. …read more15-05-2021
Epic Games vs. Apple Trial, Week Two: Everything You Need to Know
Experts differed on whether smartphones are interchangeable with other videogame platforms and the definition of a market in the digital age.15-05-2021
Wood Enclosure Lends Warmth to This DIY Ribbon Microphone
We love it when someone takes an idea they’ve seen on Hackaday and runs with it, taking it in a new and different direction. That’s pretty much what we’re here …read more14-05-2021
Ford announces infotainment screens to show ads from local billboards
The Ford Motor Company has announced the passing of a patent for a new program that will draw information from the billboard ads surrounding the area where a Ford-manufactured car is driving and display segments of that data on the vehicle's infotainment display for the driver's viewing.14-05-2021
Officials: Tesla in fatal California crash was on Autopilot
A Tesla involved in a fatal crash on a Southern California freeway last week was operating on Autopilot at the time, authorities said.14-05-2021
Missouri set to require online stores to collect taxes
Missouri is set to become the last state to require out-of-state online stores to collect sales taxes on residents' purchases after the GOP House gave its approval Friday.14-05-2021
A Stackable Planetary Gearbox You Can Print At Home
In one little corner of YouTube is a small but vibrant community sharing videos about gearboxes of their own design, particularly those with very high ratios or other quirky features. …read more14-05-2021
Hacking Group Linked to Colonial Pipeline Attack Is Closing Down
DarkSide, the criminal group linked to a cyberattack that disrupted U.S. gasoline deliveries this week, has told hacking associates that it is shutting down, said security research firms.14-05-2021
Increased Neutron Levels At Chernobyl-4: How Dangerous Is Corium?
When the Chernobyl nuclear plant suffered the power output surge that would destroy its #4 reactor, a substance called ‘corium‘ was formed. This originally lava-like substance formed out of the …read more14-05-2021
Most Read articles – Tesla sales, Arduino Portenta, Toyota hydrogen
There's a bit of an automotive theme, with Tesla sales, a joint venture into hydrogen technology for cars, and a Mannerisms on Just In Time. Plus the Arduino Portenta industrial control unit and Siemens Digital Industries Software buying Fractal Technologies... This story continues at Most Read articles – Tesla sales, Arduino Portenta, Toyota hydrogen Or just read more coverage at Electronics Week…14-05-2021
Servers of Colonial Pipeline hacker Darkside forced down: security firm
Servers for Darkside were taken down by unknown actors Friday, a week after the cyber extortionist forced the shutdown of a large US oil pipeline in a ransomware scam, a US cyber security firm said.14-05-2021