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18 мая

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Алексей Балабанов, 2013 год
Умер великий русский режиссёр2013 год
Диск телефона, 1923 год
Французский инженер Антуан Барнай получил патент на телефон с дисковым набором номера 1923 год
«Небываемое бывает», 1703 год
18 мая 1703 года флотилия из 30 шлюпок с солдатами Преображенского и Семёновского полков под командованием Петра I одержала боевую победу, захватив в устье реки Невы два шведских военных судна — «Гедан» и «Астрильд». Все участники того боя получили специальные медали с надписью «Небываемое бывает».1703 год
Компания Intel объявляет о переходе на симулятор QuestaSim Intel FPGA Edition
Компания Intel объявляет о переходе на симулятор QuestaSim Intel FPGA Edition18-05-2021
Микроконтроллеры Nuvoton с поддержкой Linux
Тайваньская компания Nuvoton Technology основана в 2008 году и специализируется на выпуске аналоговых и цифровых микросхем. Наиболее известны её аудиочипы и микроконтроллеры. Nuvoton от многих конкурентов отличает наличие производства микросхем на шестидюймовых пластинах, что обеспечивает хороший контроль качества на всех этапах изготовления. Кроме того, Nuvoton представляет и услуги foundry. Фаун…17-05-2021
Xilinx Adapt EMEA: 2-дневное мероприятие Xilinx по системам ИИ и ADAS в автомобильной промышленности
18-19 мая 2021 г. компания Xilinx проводит виртуальную конференцию, посвящённую применению Искусственного Интеллекта и систем ADAS в автомобильной промышленности.17-05-2021
Светодиоды G-NOR для дорожных знаков, указателей, светофоров, рекламных вывесок
О компании: Ningbo G-NOR Electronics Co., Ltd. специализируется в производстве оптоэлектронных компонентов. В продуктовой линейке широкий ассортимент продукции: Светодиоды Светодиодные индикаторы Светодиодные линейки и матрицы Кластеры Светодиодные модули для TB экранов и электронных табло Устройства светодиодного освещения Источники питания светодиодных модулей. Светодиоды G-NOR для дорожных знак…17-05-2021
Компания Lattice Semiconductor представила Lattice Automate Solution Stack
Компания Lattice Semiconductor представила Lattice Automate Solution Stack17-05-2021
Бюджетный преобразователь GW DS1 от Phoenix Contact
Компания Phoenix Contact выпустила новый универсальный преобразователь GW DS1, способный решать широкий спектр задач, связанных с преобразованием данных между последовательными интерфейсами RS-232/422/485 и сетями Ethernet.16-05-2021
Альянс ZigBee меняет название на Connectivity Standards Alliance
Альянс ZigBee меняет название на Connectivity Standards Alliance15-05-2021
DC/DC-преобразователи Aimtec мощностью 1 Вт
Aimtec, Inc. — один из наиболее известных брендов в сегменте преобразователей постоянного и переменного тока. Компания производит широкий ассортимент источников питания и преобразователей напряжения мощностью от 1 до 250 Вт. Её изделия соответствуют ряду требований по надёжности, содержанию вредных веществ, а также в большинстве случаев сертифицированы для применения в той или...14-05-2021
World first concept for rechargeable cement-based batteries
Imagine an entire 20-storey concrete building that can store energy like a giant battery. Thanks to unique research from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, this vision could someday be a reality. Researchers from the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering recently published an article outlining a new concept for rechargeable batteries made of cement.18-05-2021
Using machine learning to predict high-impact research
An artificial intelligence framework built by MIT researchers can give an "early-alert" signal for future high-impact technologies, by learning from patterns gleaned from previous scientific publications.18-05-2021
Helping drone swarms avoid obstacles without hitting each other
There is strength in numbers. That's true not only for humans, but for drones too. By flying in a swarm, they can cover larger areas and collect a wider range of data, since each drone can be equipped with different sensors.18-05-2021
Spy Tech: CIA Masks in Five Minutes or Less
You know the old trope: James Bond is killed but it turns out to be someone else in an incredibly good-looking Sean Connery mask. Mission: Impossible and Scooby Doo regularly …read more18-05-2021
Germany opens antitrust probe into Amazon with tougher law
Germany's competition authority said Tuesday it had opened an inquiry into online retail giant Amazon over potential "anti-competitive practices", using a new law giving regulators more power to rein in big tech companies.18-05-2021
Irish health system struggling to recover from cyberattack
Ireland's health system was still struggling to restore its computers and treat patients on Tuesday, four days after it shut down its entire IT system in response to a cyberattack.18-05-2021
10 Best Keyboard Tray in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide
Keyboards are the most basic input devices used for computers, without which it is impossible to perform any task on the computer. Whether you have a laptop or a desktop computer, you will need to buy an external keyboard to maximize your efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, it is not possible to fit a full-sized keyboard […] The post 10 Best Keyboard Tray in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide appea…18-05-2021
China Mobile to List in Shanghai as It Departs NYSE
China Mobile plans to sell billions of dollars worth of shares in Shanghai, days after learning it would definitely be ejected from U.S. markets under a Trump-era investment blacklist.18-05-2021
Sub-nanosecond phase coherence wins Spectrum a place in mini-MRI machine
Quick tech support and sub-nanosecond phase coherence won German data acquisition card maker Spectrum a place in a mini MRI machine that has been designed for babies. Start-up Neoscan is behind the machine. “We we used this route of standard cards providing a platform to run our software on. This meant that we could focus ... This story continues at Sub-nanosecond phase coherence wins Spectrum a p…18-05-2021
Scientists debut most efficient 'optical rectennas,' devices that harvest power from heat
Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder have tapped into a poltergeist-like property of electrons to design devices that can capture excess heat from their environment—and turn it into usable electricity.18-05-2021
Skyworks reports record March-quarter revenue of $1.172bn, up 53% year-on-year
For fiscal second-quarter 2021 (to 2 April), Skyworks Solutions Inc of Woburn, MA, USA (which manufactures analog and mixed-signal semiconductors) has reported revenue of $1171.8m (near the top of the $1125-1175m guidance range), down from last quarter’s all-time record of $1510m (which was boosted by Skyworks’ largest customer spiking to 70% of total revenue – before falling back this quarter to …18-05-2021
Pasternack unveils high-power RF & microwave PIN diode coaxial packaged switches
Pasternack Inc of Irvine, CA, USA (an Infinite Electronics brand that makes both passive and active RF, microwave and millimeter-wave products) has launched a series of high-power RF and microwave PIN diode coaxial packaged switches suitable for commercial and military radar, jamming systems, medical imaging, communications and electronic warfare (EW)...18-05-2021
10 Best LED Pods in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide
LED pod lights can be a great option to compliment the primary headlights of your vehicle as they increase the total light output by quite a lot. Whether you are into off-roading or just want proper visibility on the highway at night, getting something like the best LED pods stated here can be a great […] The post 10 Best LED Pods in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide appeared first on Electronics Hub.18-05-2021
Retro ISA Card Means Old, Slow Computers No Longer Need Old, Heavy Monitors
One thing about vintage computers is that they depend greatly on whether or not one can plug a compatible monitor into them. That’s what’s behind [Tube Time]’s Graphics Gremlin, a …read more18-05-2021
10 Best Cable Splitters in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide
In case that you have a cable connection at your home, then it is highly likely that you would want to use the same with multiple TVs at once. Thankfully, instead of getting multiple cable connections, you can simply split your single cable coaxial cable into multiple. This can be done using something like the […] The post 10 Best Cable Splitters in 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide appeared first on El…18-05-2021
California places Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving' under review
California's Department of Motor Vehicles is reviewing whether Tesla is violating a state regulation by advertising its vehicles as being fully autonomous without meeting the legal definition of self-driving.18-05-2021