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18 мая
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Adept (29.09.2021 15:11 - 17:21, просмотров: 1673) ответил klen на читал об декодерах - вроде бы расказывали на маленький буфер. потом оказалось нужно руками выкручивать длину записи на скока хочешь, в автомате только то что на экране, если растянуть буфер - до усраки вмещается. сегодня spi с тактовой 70МГц буду дрючить - посмотрим что получится.
Да, эт понятно , что дину буферу нужно побольше ставить. Там косяки в отображении на осциллограмме и в журнале. относительно осциллограммы иногда появляется смещение отображения данных, в текстовом журнале событий - аналогично, неправильно отображается ACK/NACK. Иногда данные просто не отображаются на фоне осциллограммы, а в журнале есть. в общем не критично, но неудобняк в работе, раздражает пздтц как :(( приаттачил бестолковую переписку с техсаппортом :) 

проблемы обозначил, - ответа не получил

Wei - какой-то китаец и саппорта, конкретно по осциллам, которому переслали моё письмо.


Hello, dear Wei again.

I write letter about some problems with scope MSO5000 series, by special letter.

I hope photos is enough for understood of these mistakes, because video is difficult to make properly.


I found some troubles of firmware and notes for usability.

I2C decoder have many errors and troubles (see photos in attach, with marks and notes by yellow) Probably other decoders have same troubles (I cannot verify this)

Additionally I attach list of some notes for usability, below. Most important troubles mark by ***

MSO5074 firmware troubles


Hello! I have a scope MSO5074, with I2C decoding options. But I had some bugs its firmware, especially in decoder (I2C, and probably other protocols decoders).

Today I download newest firmware for my scope (, but I sеe same bugs :(

*** !!!

1) Sometime scope is halted, and no responces from any buttons and controls :( (for solve problem need a power Off/On cycle) It happenes when I change modes and options of I2C decoder.


2) in zoom-mode there is unsyncro decoded DATA and graphic track in Zoom window. It is happenes somewhere during scroll and scale change.

3) No any controls/buttons for decoder TABLE EVENTS view scroll (the scroll is possible only by touchscreen actions :(


4) Ack mark in TABLE EVENTS of decoded DATA as "1/0" bring many mistakes :( might more comfortably make it "Y/N" like DS2000 decoders

*** !!!

5) I2C ACK/NACK decoding not properly - on the SCL front and SDA low, decoder displays as ACK:1 (sometime (very seldom) it is properly decode)

*** !!!

6) no instrument settings are saved when turned off. This is especially troublesome when channel settings (attenuators, DC-coupling) and sweep and synchronization parameters are not saved. It is necessary to save ALL instrument settings at shutdown, including decoding options settings, entered channel and trace names, recorded reference oscillograms, etc.


7) Synchronization via the I2C protocol does not work (synchronization by the sequence of data bytes could not be configured: ((

8) No display on the screen current sweep-mode (Auto/Single/Normal) Only during switched its by MODE-button short pop-up mesage is displayed on the screen at one second.It is very unusefull.

Improvements wish-list :))

* Extremely uncomfortable using the zoom mode. Navigation with the <> buttons is very inconvenient. The jog-dial knob is sorely lacking, as in the 2000 and 4000 series oscillographs it is necessary to make jog-dial emulation with <> buttons. Do not discretely switch three speeds <<< >>>, but make a smooth increase in the scrolling speed depending on the holding time. When the button is released, the speed is reset to 0. The current speed can be indicated by a progress bar or, what is better, by drawing on the Jog-dial screen with a rotation angle corresponding to the speed (it will be both functional and beautiful) It is a pity that RIGOL devices, which are technically good, are inferior to competitors in the form of R&S, Agilent, LeCroy in terms of such trifles as ergonomics, usability and the absence of software bugs.

Technically, all RIGOL's devices even somewhere they compete with the above eminent brands, but in terms of the convenience and reliability of the software, alas, they are left behind: ((This is doubly insulting, since the breakdown is solved by competent software development


Send please this information to your developers for correct these errors in nearest time. I will be collect others mistakes and I will be fill-up this error-list.

Waiting new improved firmware ASAP :))



приаттаченные для саппорта картинки в письме

...делать нужно так, как нужно. А как ненужно - делать не нужно (С) Винни-Пух :)