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26 мая
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misyachniy (06.01.2019 00:30, просмотров: 11) в ответ на ну, да, есть такое) Считаете что поправить это и забить ?? "Славик чтот очкует" - автор: Aleksey_75
Использовали Simple Serial Protocol (SSP) 2.1 В микроконтроллерах и ПЛИС ссылка 2.2. Framing SSP uses SLIP (RFC 1055) framing, also known in the amateur-radio community as KISS, to break up astream of characters into frames (each holding a packet). Eachframe begins with, and ends with, a FEND character ( 0xc0 ). If FEND ev erappears in the packet, it is sent within the frame as FESC TFEND (0xdb 0xdc ). If FESC ev erappears in the packet, it is sent within the frame as FESC TFESC (0xdb 0xdd ). FESC followed by anycharacter except TFEND or TFESC is an error. TFEND and TFESC are ordinarycharacters when not preceded by FESC .Each frame contains an SSP packet, as described in section 3.(The higher-levelfacilities of the KISS TNCprotocol, e.g. the first byte being a type code, are not used.)It is an error for a frame to be smaller than thesmallest SSP packet.As discussed in section 3, there is no particular limit on the length of a frame.The normal algorithm for receiving a frame is simply to collect the bytes of a frame until the terminating FEND is seen, and silently discard anyempty frames.The presence of a FEND at the start of a frame isbasically just for robustness, since it flushes out anyline noise, or trash left overfrom an incompletely-receivedprevious frame.Trying to build a more complexstate machine, which classifies FEND sasstart orend, is generally a mistake