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Evgeny_CD, Архитектор (13.01.2020 15:29, просмотров: 341)
[The C++ front end] supports the ISO/IEC 14882 standard. The C++17, C++14, C++11, and C++98/03 versions of the language are fully supported. Work is under way to support the C++20 language features -> от Edison Design Group ссылка ссылка The front end consists of about 655,000 lines of source code, of which about 30% are comments. The code is written in C++11, with host and target dependencies carefully segregated from the bulk of the code. It can be rehosted easily on a variety of machines and operating systems. Since the host and target dependencies are separately configurable, the front end can be used as part of a cross compiler. There is extensive debugging and consistency-checking code, which can be included or excluded by conditional compilation.
How much does a source code license cost? Usually somewhere between $40,000 and $250,000
--> впечатляет! Причем где-то мне попадалась инфа, что владелец(ы) - один из членов технического комитета по стандартизации C++. Нормальный такой бизнес.