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15 июля
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Александр Невский
Братья! Не в силах Бог, а в правде! Вспомним слова псалмопевца: сии в оружии, и сии на конех, мы же во имя Господа Бога нашего призовем...Не убоимся множества ратных, яко с нами Бог.1240 год
Очередные поступления компонентов на наш склад в Москве.
Источники питания, интерфейсные ИМС, память, диоды, коммутационные изделия (разъёмы, реле и мембраны для клавиатур) и многое другое. Наименование Производитель Описание товара Cклад на 10.VII.2020 AM10EW-4805SCZ Aimtec Изолированный DC-DC преобразователь, 10 Вт, вход — 18-72 В, выход — 5 В * 2 А, изоляция — 1600 В 456 ADM2483BRWZ-REEL Analog Devices Магниторазвязанный драйвер RS-485. Требуется DC-…10-07-2020
Расчёт и заказ кабельных сборок через online сервис от Макро Групп
Компания Макро Групп запустила online сервис по расчёту и поставке кабельных сборок.03-07-2020
iNRCORE – новое имя для компонентов MIL/AERO от PulseR
С 1 июля 2020 года компания PulseR изменила название на iNRCORE, LLC02-07-2020
Средства разработки от Xilinx Vivado HLS, Vitis и PetaLinux обновлены до версии 2020.1
На сайте компании Xilinx доступны новые версии средств разработки: Vivado HLS, Vitis и PetaLinux с номером 2020.102-07-2020
5.2” TFT LCD дисплеи с touch screen от Raystar
Производитель Raystar анонсировал вывод на рынок трех моделей 5,2-дюймовых TFT LCD дисплеев с опцией touch screen.30-06-2020
Серия вебинаров от Xilinx по оптимизации кодирования видео для устройств реального времени
30 июня и 1 июля компания Xilinx проведёт 2 вебинара, где будут обсуждаться новые эталонные архитектуры видеосерверов на продукции Xilinx, работающих в режиме реального времени, позволяющие организовать потоковую сеть реального времени завтрашнего дня.29-06-2020
Различные компоненты со склада в Москве.
Различные компоненты со склада в Москве – RFID-карты, микроконтроллер ARM в DIP-корпусе, источники питания и сетевые фильтры, инструменты и пр. Наименование Производитель Описание товара Cклад на 29.VI.2020 D00577 Duratool Шестигранный ключ, 1.5 мм. 30 EM-CARDGLOSSA0A-2972 EM Marin RFID карта 125 кГц, manchester, 64 clocks per bit, новый p/n EM4102A6CX 78 EMCARDMATTA0A3288 EM Marin RFID карта [...…29-06-2020
Отладочная плата с УКВ модемом от CML Microcircuits для демонстрации решений в сфере промышленного интернета вещей (IIoT)
Компания CML Microcircuits представила отладочную плату с модемом для беспроводной передачи данных CMX7364, готовую для использования в решениях для промышленного интернета вещей (IIoT) – DE9941A. Плату DE9941A можно брать за основу для разработки решений по беспроводной передаче данных в таких областях применений как: промышленный интернет вещей (IIoT), кинематика реального времени (RTK) и систем…26-06-2020
U.K. to Ban Huawei From 5G Networks Amid China Tensions
The British government said it would bar telecom companies from purchasing new equipment made by China’s Huawei and gave them until 2027 to remove its technology from their 5G wireless networks, a sharp about-face that marks a significant victory for the U.S.14-07-2020
Searching for Video? Google Pushes YouTube Over Rivals
Facebook and other competitors host the same videos, but engineers have made changes that effectively preference YouTube—owned by Google—over other video sources. Journal tests show YouTube usually ends up first and takes most of the slots in Google Search video carousels, prime results real estate.14-07-2020
BeSang claims enhanced 3D DRAM saves space
BeSang Inc. (Hillsboro, Ore.) a developer and licensor of 3D IC technologies, has introduced 3D DRAM Plus.The technology integrates 3D sense amplifiers with the 3D memory cell array and thereby reduces 3D routing and increases cell efficiency by up to 95 percent. Sang-Yun Lee, CEO of BeSang, said the technology would enable a 75 percent reduction in DRAM die cost, but did not indicate what is bei…14-07-2020
UK bans Huawei 5G equipment, delays removal from networks
The UK government has announced a ban on buying new 5G cellular communications equipment from Huawei starting from December 31, 2020, but has delayed the ousting of all existing Huawei equipment until 2027.At the same time the UK government has advised fibre optic broadband suppliers should transition away from purchasing Huawei equipment. The UK had previously said it would look to get all Huawe…14-07-2020
Covid Babysitting: When Virtual Camp and Sitter Dates Get Messy
Virtual camp, it turns out, isn’t much more fun than remote school was. Kids are revolting, and parents are getting desperate.14-07-2020
TikTok, Bracing for Scrutiny in Australia, Seeks to Reassure Lawmakers
TikTok, the embattled short-video app run by Chinese technology giant Bytedance, has written to Australian politicians to reassure them about the safety of user data and its independence, as concerns about its Chinese ties grow.14-07-2020
Google Cloud Chief Finds Opportunities in Pandemic for Customer Connection
Google Cloud is racing to roll out new features and services aimed at helping its enterprise customers maintain business continuity during the coronavirus pandemic, including a new security product expected to launch Tuesday, said Thomas Kurian, chief executive of the Google LLC unit.14-07-2020
Biotech Properties Draw Billions of Dollars as Other Real Estate Languishes
Landlords leasing to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other life-sciences businesses are faring well during the pandemic in contrast to other commercial property owners.14-07-2020
Will China block Analog Devices' growth aspirations?
Analog Devices' proposed acquisition of Maxim Integrated Products, will not worry Texas Instruments, the world's leading analog IC provider, but may fall foul of China. The agreed acquisition, for about $21 billion, was announced Monday (see Analog Devices to pay $21 billion to take over Maxim). Texas Instruments was the top analog IC vendor in 2019 with $10 billion of business, almost twice the …14-07-2020
CEO interview: Wally Rhines on startups, AI and China
Wally Rhines – one of the most respected veterans of the semiconductor industry – sat down with eeNews Europe, to explain why he has joined 'sea-of-cores' processor startup Cornami (Campbell, Calif.) as CEO. He also shared his thoughts on some bigger industry and global issues. Wally Rhines was CEO of EDA software company Mentor Graphics from 1993 until he finally guided the company into the arms…14-07-2020
Tech-Stock Rally Isn't Out of Juice Just Yet, Analysts Say
Shares of technology companies have leapt ahead of the stock market, and despite a surge in coronavirus cases and the potential for fresh lockdowns, some analysts say it still isn’t too late to catch the rally.14-07-2020
Characterizing transition-metal dichalcogenide thin-films using hyperspectral imaging and machine learning
Transparent inorganic multicolour displays enabled by zinc-based electrochromic devices
Tesla Is Now Bigger Than Bank of America and American Express Combined
Tesla’s shares are in the midst of a head-spinning rally that has made the electric-car maker more valuable than many of the titans of American industry.14-07-2020
SoftBank Explores Sale or IPO for Chip Designer Arm Holdings
The Japanese conglomerate, which bought Arm for $32 billion in 2016, is considering a full or partial sale of the British chip designer, or an initial public offering.13-07-2020
Peacock, NBCUniversal's New Streaming Service, Joins Crowded Field at Challenging Time
NBCUniversal is launching its Peacock streaming service Wednesday, betting its low price in return for limited advertising will appeal to cash-strapped customers and make it a viable alternative to its pricier rivals.13-07-2020