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”скоренное построение прототипов с помощью Arduino, mikroBUS и Processing

ћы живем в эпоху, когда благодар€ различным готовым решени€м от таких компаний, как MikroElektronika, Adafruit и Arduino, процесс разработки и прототипировани€ электронных устройств максимально ускор€етс€.

14 Dec 18:00

Xilinx повышает цены на свою продукцию

Xilinx объ€вила о повышении цен с 1 марта 2019 года. на часть микросхем: PROM на 100%, CPLD на 25% и микросхемы содержащие свинец на 25%.

14 Dec 16:00

UNISONIC - большой выбор микросхем, транзисторов и диодов дл€ импульсных источников питани€.

UC34463 »нтегральна€ микросхема понижающего импульсного источника питани€ - ѕозвол€ет создать понижающий преобразователь посто€нного напр€жени€ - ћаксимальное входное напр€жение: 40¬ - ¬ыходное напр€жение: 5¬ - ћаксимальный выходной ток: 2ј - ¬строенный силовой транзистор - ¬строенна€ защита от перегрева и перегрузки по току - ¬нут …

14 Dec 15:00

”скоритель Xilinx Alveo U200 использует Dell EMC в PowerEdge-серверах

Dell EMC стала первым производителем серверов с ускорителем Alveo U200, который используетс€ дл€ повышени€ ключевых вычислительных характеристик устройств.

14 Dec 09:00

ETQP катушки индуктивности Panasonic Industrial на основе композитных материалов Ц альтернатива катушек Vishay серии IHLP

ETQP производства компании Panasonic предлагаема€ замена силовых катушек индуктивности серии IHLP производства Vishay.

13 Dec 09:00

Lyft drives patent talk on self-driving safety via messages for pedestrians, cyclists

Lyft is in the news, as the United States Patent Office has granted Lyft with a patent for an autonomous vehicle notification system. '

16 Dec 00:00

This 6502 Made From 74-Series Logic Can Run At 20 MHz

If you always wished you could get closer to the hardware with the 6502 in your classic microcomputer you’re in luck, because [Drass] has created a beautiful implementation of a 6502 using TTL logic chips. What makes it special is that it sits on a very neat set of PCBs, and due to its use of 74AC series logic it can run at m …

16 Dec 00:00

Maze Generator Keeps Plotter (and Kids) Busy

We can tell that [Jon Howell] is our kind of guy. After updating his vintage†1985 Hewlett-Packard plotter with WiFi and the ability to load SVG files, he obviously needed to find a bunch of stuff to run off with it. Gotta justify those hacks somehow. So he doubled down and decided support a hack with another hack by writing a maze …

15 Dec 21:00

Young Entrepreneurs Learn What Really Goes Into Making a Product

Just to be clear, the primary goal of the Papas Inventeurs (Inventor Dads) was to have the kids make something, have fun, and learn. In that light, they enjoyed a huge success. Four children†designed, made, and sold laser-cut napkin rings from a booth at the Ottawa Maker Faire†as a fun learning process (English translation, origina …

15 Dec 18:00

Bust A Move DoesnТt Have To Be Such A Grind

PC gamers have the benefit of the mouse and keyboard, which are highly flexible when it comes to input devices for gaming. What’s more, the freedom of the platform means that it’s easy to whip up whatever mad controller you can dream of to best suit the games you’re playing. Enter [Tom Tilley] with the aptly-named …

15 Dec 15:00

Reflex Trainer Puts Athletes To The Test

Being a top athlete in this modern age is a full-time job. No longer do athletes simply practice at their nominated sport of choice. They undergo strength training, full nutritional programs, cardio, and even reflex training. Reflex training involves a series of nodes that an athlete must identify when lit up, and touch them to swi …

15 Dec 12:00

Build Your Own Anechoic Chamber

For professional-level sound recording, you’ll need professional-level equipment. Microphones and mixing gear are the obvious necessities, as well as a good computer with the right software on it. But once you have those things covered, you’ll also need a place to record. Without a good acoustic space, you’ll have …

15 Dec 09:00

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