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13 августа
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Cisco CFO Plans to Step Down
Cisco Systems Inc. on Wednesday said finance chief Kelly Kramer plans to leave the network-equipment company after more than five years in the role.13-08-2020
Lyft Ridership, Revenue Drop Amid Rising Coronavirus Infections
Lyft reported a dramatic drop in riders and revenue in the second quarter, as rising coronavirus infections in the U.S. and prolonged shutdowns weighed in on its results.13-08-2020
Facebook and Other Tech Giants Gird for Chaotic Election
Social-media platforms are talking with federal officials as President Trump questions the legitimacy of voting by mail.13-08-2020
Netflix to Stream 'Diana' Musical While Broadway Is Closed
The production based on the life of Princess Diana will be streamed on Netflix next year ahead of its rescheduled Broadway debut on May 25, 2021, the show’s producers said.13-08-2020
Cisco to Pursue Deep Cost Cuts in Corporate Tech-Spending Slowdown
Networking-equipment giant Cisco Systems posted its first annual revenue decline in three years and said it would pursue deep cost cuts as customer priorities have shifted during the coronavirus pandemic.13-08-2020
Silicon Valley Sees Kamala Harris as One of Its Own
Silicon Valley has a potential ally in its future with Kamala Harris, a California senator who has strong ties to executives behind the nation’s technology giants and has been largely silent about the antitrust issues currently plaguing them.13-08-2020
Waystar Agrees to Buy eSolutions at $1.3 Billion Valuation
Health-care payments business Waystar has agreed to acquire eSolutions in a deal that values the revenue cycle management provider at around $1.3 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.13-08-2020
AI Helps Forecast Volcanic Eruptions
Sensors on the ground, in the sky and in space yield data that could more accurately forecast volcanic activity around the world.12-08-2020
Israel Says It Beat Attack by North Korean Cyber Group Under U.S. Sanctions
Israel said it thwarted a North Korean cyber group’s attempt to steal sensitive information from leading defense companies in the country.12-08-2020
As Trump Administration Seeks WeChat Restrictions, Tencent Profit Surges
The Chinese internet giant played down threats from potential U.S. curbs on its flagship app, as higher spending through Tencent’s services and games drove better-than-expected profit and revenue in the second quarter.12-08-2020
Admit It, You Do Laundry During Work Video Calls
More than five months into the pandemic, multitaskers have dropped the facade during videoconferences; ‘mental breaks’12-08-2020
How a 30-Ton Robot Could Help Crops Withstand Climate Change
What makes a plant thrive in the heat? In the Arizona desert, the ‘Field Scanalyzer’ is collecting data to learn the answer—and hopefully improve farming for biofuels and food.12-08-2020
Tencent Will Struggle in the Greatest Game of All
Gaming helped Tencent deliver a record quarter, but its new opponent is unlikely to play nice.12-08-2020
New Xbox Will Lack 'Halo' Effect
Delay in releasing the latest installment of the blockbuster “Halo” gaming franchise could hurt Microsoft’s new Xbox launch.12-08-2020
Qualcomm Seeks 5G Riches After Bruising Antitrust Battle
Qualcomm’s legal victory in a high-stakes battle with the U.S. government raises the opportunity for the smartphone chip giant to enjoy a period of relative calm and growth propelled by rising appetite for new 5G handsets.12-08-2020
Publishers Are Investing in a Second Generation of Audio Articles
Media companies used to rely on voice artists or basic text-to-audio software to turn written articles into audio stories. Now they are developing humanlike reader technology and training reporters in the art of reading out loud to help people with overflowing “to-read” lists.12-08-2020