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22 сентября
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Майкл Фарадей
Английский физик и химик, основоположник учения об электромагнитном поле.1791 год
Новый размер в серии корпусов BODY-CASE от OKW
Компания OKW расширила серию BODY-CASE новым размером – XL, новый размер создан для удобства размещения дисплеев в корпусах. Новый размер также доступен в 4х вариантах исполнения, как и предыдущие размеры: с углубленной областью или без, с промежуточным кольцом цвета лава или оранжевым. Габаритные размеры: 62x56x18 мм (без углубленной области) и 62x56x17 мм (с углубленной областью). [...]28-08-2020
Линейка корпусов Room Sensor от CamdenBoss
В линейке корпусов для датчиков помещений представлено 3 размера: 86x86x25,5 мм 74x74x25,5 мм 51x51x25,5 мм Для всех размеров доступен вариант с вентиляцией и без, и три стандартных цвета корпуса: черный, серый и белый. Все размеры имеют  встроенные стойки для размещения печатных плат, а также отверстия на основании для настенного монтажа. Быстрая сборка без винтов – [...]26-08-2020
Orlando Bravo Rides Software Deals to Heights of Private-Equity Industry
The Puerto Rican billionaire has argued for years that software is so essential to business that companies won’t stop paying for it, even in a crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has proven him out.22-09-2020
Observation of the polaronic character of excitons in a two-dimensional semiconducting magnet CrI3
Nikola Founder Resigns as Executive Chairman Amid Fraud Allegations
The electric-truck startup’s founder and executive chairman is stepping down with immediate effect in the wake of allegations from a short seller that he and the company had made false statements to investors.22-09-2020
TikTok's Zero Hour: Haggling With Trump, Doubts in China and a Deal in Limbo
After months of maneuvering over the future of TikTok, it took last-minute phone calls to persuade President Trump to sign off in principle on the outlines of an agreement to keep the app operating in the U.S. Even that outcome—an M&A deal like no other—remains uncertain.22-09-2020
Behind Snowflake's Debut: Rising Data Demands
The startup’s roaring IPO last week was due to fortunate timing and growing data needs, tech chiefs say.22-09-2020
Chinese Leaders Split Over Releasing Blacklist of U.S. Companies
Beijing has sped up development of a list that could be used to punish American technology firms, but some Chinese officials are mindful of moving too aggressively and say a decision should wait until after the U.S. election.22-09-2020
Microsoft Buys Doom Owner in $7.5 Billion Videogaming Deal
Microsoft said it would buy the parent company of videogame publisher Bethesda Softworks for $7.5 billion in cash.21-09-2020
Quibi Explores Strategic Options Including Possible Sale
The streaming-video service, founded by Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, has struggled to sign up subscribers in a competitive online-video marketplace.21-09-2020
Auditors to Stop Inspecting Factories in China's Xinjiang Despite Forced-Labor Concerns
Western companies that rely on products from China’s Xinjiang region have turned to supply-chain auditing firms amid concerns about the use of forced labor. But some auditing services are stopping their work in the region, pointing to a lack of access and transparency as a barrier to properly vetting labor practices.21-09-2020
Social Gaming Startup Valued at Over $1 Billion in Sequoia-Backed Funding Round
Social gaming startup Playco Global said it raised $100 million in a Series A fundraising round, giving it a post-money valuation slightly above $1 billion—before it has released a single game.21-09-2020
TikTok and Oracle Spar Over Ownership, Threatening Deal
The role of TikTok’s Chinese owner in a newly created company pairing the app with Oracle remains a point of contention despite signs of a final agreement over the weekend.21-09-2020
U.S. Joins Global Bid to Carve Up the Internet With TikTok Move
The Trump administration’s campaign to make Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok relocate to the U.S. is the latest example of the global fracturing of the internet.21-09-2020
Pentagon Opens Door to 5G Network Shared With Civilian Cellphones
U.S. officials are exploring concepts for a new 5G wireless network that would let Silicon Valley giants and other businesses tap valuable Pentagon airwaves, setting up a potential clash over how to deploy the next-generation technology.21-09-2020
China Has Reasons to Like TikTok's Trump-Approved Deal
A White House-approved plan to transform TikTok into a U.S.-based company would keep the operation of the viral short-video app, and likely the algorithm that has powered its rise, in Chinese hands. This structure improves the deal’s chances of finding favor in Beijing, which had threatened to veto a sale.21-09-2020
WeChat Ban Blocked by Federal Judge in Ruling Against Trump Administration
A federal judge temporarily blocked the Trump administration’s executive order curbing Americans’ use of WeChat, agreeing with free-speech arguments raised by users of the popular Chinese-owned messaging and e-commerce app.21-09-2020
The scaling laws of edge vs. bulk interlayer conduction in mesoscale twisted graphitic interfaces